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Bulma was once a mixed-up teenager with blue hair, a pink outfit and a personality quirk that wouldn't allow her to stop talking for a second. She was immature, emotional, self-centered, impatient, argumentative, boy-crazy and given to fits of hysterics.

Now she's blossomed into a mixed-up woman. She may have a new hairstyle and outfit, but she still has that same personality quirk. For that matter, she's also still emotional, self-centered, impatient, argumentative and given to fits of hysterics.

Fortunately, she's also incredibly talented and determined. She will do whatever it takes to get what she wants, and she won't let anything stand in her way -- not mountains, not alien invaders, not even pride.

As a mechanical genius who can operate and fix anything, Bulma is very important to the team. She discovers the capabilities of the Saiyan Scouter and enhances it for their use. It enables her to save the day more than once for the rest of our heroes. Still, the team concept doesn't always sink in and her independence sometimes flies in the face of her friends' aspirations to work together.

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