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Potara Earring Fusion
The Potara Earring Fusion is basicly the strongest type of fusion possible. For the fusion to happen two people must have the earrings of a kaioshin. Nearly impossible to get in the first place. If obtained the two people must put the earrings on opposing ears. The two people will be sucked together and will become one super powered being more than triple their own power already. If absorbed the Fusion will cancel because technically your dead once your absorbed. This fusion can only be done once in a lifetime.

Bio-Mechanical Fusion
This fusion is done by one living thing absorbing a android/cyborg object. For this to work the user must have some kind of device that will hold the object inside themselves but first kill the object itself. The only being to ever use this was Cell when he absorbed the humans and androids. The reason he could absorb the human's is because androids are part human so it works like blood types. Type A being the humans, Type B being robots, Type AB being androids/cyborgs, Type O being Cell. Type A, B, and AB can be absorbed. This fusion can be done as many times as needed boosting the users power higher each time.
Android Fusion The Android Fusion is done when two androids of the same model combine to make one super charged one. When done the name of the android gets an addition of the word Super at the beginning. This is a rare fusion as only android #17 did it. The Android Fusion can be done as many times as neccisary as long as the same model fuses together.

The Namekian Fusion
The Namekian Fusion can only be performed by high ranking warriors as it takes a lot of concentration to obtain. The Namekian fusion can be done two ways. Either one exrtremely powerfull Namek can fuse with another or one Namek who origanally split into two can refuse back together. The Namek Fusion is permanent whether alive or dead. Only Nameks can perfom the technique hence the name. What is interesting about this fusion is that even though one Namek can seperate the evil from good and split apart. Once refused he can't do it again. The power boost from this fusion is determined by which way you fuse. Refusing back into one being will give you a substantial raise while fusing with a completely differn't Namek will give you a slightly weaker raise.

The Fusion Dance
The Fusion Dance has more requierments than effects as the two warriors must be of nearly the same power level and height. The warriors must do a series of synchronized movements. If done incorrectly the two will become a far much weaker being then they were seperately. But if done correctly the two will become a being of double their strength together. The great thing about this fusion is it produces differn't results when the two are in transformed states. The downside to this fusion is it wears out in thirty minutes and the two once fused people will return to their old state. Once returned much weaker from the strain on they're bodies. Which is reason enough for the two warriors to get the job done fast or not get it done at all. The fusion will usually look more like one person then the other.

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