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Freddy from NIGHTMARE ON ELE ST. (DOT) Com

Freddy vs. Jason

Release Date: 2002

Studio: New Line Cinema

Status: Early Pre-Production

Genre: Horror

Starring: Robert Englund, Kane Hodder

Crew: Rob Bottin (Director); James Robinson (Screenwriter)

Premise: It's the clash of the titans, when two of the most recognizable horror icons of all-time, Freddy Krugher and Jason Vorhees, go head-to-head in an all out battle for blood.

PLOT NOTE: Rumor has it that when this movie comes out, there will be two different endings given out to the entire country, so that audiences will not get to know what version they will be seeing.

Comments: A project that has had fans waiting for years, "Freddy vs. Jason" keeps going on and off in terms of production starts. But interestingly enough, there continues to be as much fan interest as there was years ago, when the rumor first got started. Now, it's just a matter of time of finding a script that won't be rewritten several times.


Jason X vs. Freddy vs. Jason

Which of the dueling Friday the 13th projects will end up on the big screen?

November 2, 1999

Add another element to the plethora of problems keeping the troubled Freddy vs. Jason movie from getting made. Cinescape reports that New Line has officially announced development on the long-rumored Jason X project.
Sean Cunningham, one of the creators of the Friday the 13th franchise, is reportedly finishing up the script for Jason X, and will turn that and the budget in by the end of this week. At that time, New Line is supposed to decide which of the two projects will get the go-ahead. If Jason X is chosen, Cunningham will also produce.

As previously reported, Freddy vs. Jason, the film that would pit the iconic bad guys from Nightmare on Elm Street and Friday the 13th against one another, has been suffering from script problems. The dueling styles of the two villains apparently don't mesh well on the page, and this has caused a major hurdle in actually getting the thing made. Most recently, Mark Verheiden (The Mask) was said to be doing a rewrite.

The project that ends up getting the green light should hit theaters in late 2000. At this point, we're so sick of hearing about the concept that we aren't terribly excited at the prospect of seeing the actual film.


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