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The Saiyans | Half Saiyans (Hybrids) | Fussion Heroes | Nemeks | Cosmic Characters
Space Pirates | The Ginew Sentai Team | Artificial Beings | Earth Beings | Majin Beings

The Saiyans Back To Top
The Saiyans are a race of aliens from the planet Vegeta. They are born with a monkey tail, and have the property that they become giant apes upon viewing the full moon. The tail is prehensile, but is sensitive, and when it is grasped, they become weak. The tail can be removed, which prevents the ape transformation. With a lot of training, they can become Super Saiyan, where their hair becomes golden and more spikey, and their attacks are more powerful. There is a third level, known as SS3, where their eyebrows disapear, and their hair becomes incredibly long and even more spikey.

SON GOKU (Kakarot): A peaceful, good natured, honest and trusting soul, Goku is the most powerful being on Earth. He has honed his skills as a fierce warrior and strengthened his spirit to a level never before achieved by any human - enabling him to fly, shoot energy beams from his hands, move at incredible speeds and even power-up to an energy level so high that it creates a visible aura around his body and makes him turn blond with green eyes. Goku's good and trusting nature allows him to see the spark of goodness in almost any evil being, even when others cannot. Goku's mysterious past is at last revealed in Dragon Ball Z. He was born a Saiyan, and was sent to Earth in a speeding capsule as an infant, programmed to destroy the planet as he grew up. On Earth, he was discovered in the wilds by a kind and peaceful old wise man named Gohan who took the child home, gave him the name Goku and raised him. Goku had incredible strength as a young boy, but he was very uncontrollable. As the young Goku grew he became more powerful, more uncontrollable and more destructive. Goku's parents were very worried about their mysterious child's destructive nature until one day, when out farming with his father, Goku fell into a ravine and suffered a near fatal head injury. Upon recovering from the accident, Goku's programming to become a destructive Saiyan super warrior was badly scrambled and he became innocent and pure in heart instead, fighting always for the cause of good for the planet Earth.
PRINCE VEGETA: One of the first major villans, Vegeta came to earth with Nappa to hunt own Goku. He is very arrogant, and wants to prove once and for all that he is better than Goku. His trademark techniques include "Big Bang" attack and "Final Blast".
NAPPA: prince Vegeta's traveling companion to earth. He did not last long. Vegeta killed him after he lost to Goku.
BARDOCK: Gokou's and Raditz's father. He died on the planet Vegeta fighting off Freeza.

RADITZ / RADDITZ (Radish): An evil and treacherous Saiyan warrior, Raditz represents the Saiyan alien race that is the strongest and most powerful force of darkness ever to enter the universe. He initially comes to Earth in search of his brother Kakarot, who is now Goku, that was sent to Earth so many years earlier. Angry and intolerant by nature, Raditz cannot understand why Kakarot has taken so long to conquer the people of Earth in preparation for the sale of the planet. Upon finding out the truth of Goku's peaceful life following the near fatal head injury, it is Raditz who begins the conflict between him and his brother. He wears a powerful technologically advanced eyepiece called a Scouter which enables him to communicate with other Saiyans across the universe about the Dragon Balls. The Scouter also gives him the ability to sense the location and power levels of other beings such as Goku and friends.
BRIORI (Brawley): The ultimate Saiyan. He is not in the comics or the TV series, but appears several times in the movies. He was born around the same time as Goku, but was alot more powerful. He wants revenge against Vegeta, and can get quite violent.

Half Saiyans (Hybrids) Back To Top
These are the children of Saiyan fathers and Human mothers. Apparently, they will be more powerful than their fathers someday. They are also apparently born with tails.

SON GOHAN: Named after his adoptive grandfather, Gohan is Goku and Chi Chi's young son. Spiritually, Gohan is good and pure in heart like his parents. Physically, he resembles his father when Goku was a young boy the same age, right down to the tail and the ability to become an uncontrollable raging monkey-like creature when he looks at a full moon. Gohan is gifted with amazing power and strength that he still has to discover within himself. As Gohan begins the journey through Dragon Ball Z and encounters the powerful Saiyan warriors that threaten his family, friends and his home planet, it is then that he changes from an easily frightened child into a determined young boy intent on discovering his unique and powerful gift. He experiences many failures in the process of learning how to control and perfect his awesome powers, but with the help of his dedicated trainer Piccolo, he endures in preparation for the arrival of the evil Saiyan warriors.
GREAT SAIYA MAN (Son Gohan): After Gohan defeated Cell, he grew up into a teen ager going to school in Satan City (named after Mr. Satan). He uses his skills to fight crime, but wants to protect his secret identity. The silly costume just doesn't cut it.
TRUNKS (Future): Vegeta's son from the future. He was taught by Gohan, since Goku was dead in that future, but used a time machine to go back and prevent Goku's heart attack after Androids 17 & 18 killed Gohan. He fights with a sword, and was the second saiyan to become Super Saiyan (before Vegeta!). After Cell is defeated, he returns to the future where he kills 17 & 18, and stops Cell. My favorite character.
TRUNKS (Present): Trunks as an 8 year old child in the present. His best friend is Goten, who he is a year older than. He has some of Vegeta's spirit, and once relieved himself of Brawley's head.
SON GOTEN: Goku's second child. He attained Super Saiyan at about 7 years old, and mastered the techniques much faster than even Trunks. When he grows up, he has shaggy hair, and wears a shirt with his name on it. He was supposed to travel with Goku, Pan, and Trunks in GT, but Pan started the spaceship without him.
BRA: Trunk's younger sister, she has not shown any battle potential, and appears only in the very end of the sister.
PAN: The daughter of Gohan and Videl. She plays a greater role in Dragon Ball GT. Appears only in the end of the series.

Fussion Heroes Back To Top
The result of a fussion technique where two people do a silly dance, then touch fingers. Unless it is done perfectly, the result may come out wrong (too fat or too skinny). The two people seperate after a half hour. Later, there are magical earings which can cause fussion without the silly dance.
GOTENKS: The result of Fussion between Goten and Trunks. Gotenks looks looks like a little version of Vegeta (minus the mean look) wearing a persian vest and pants. He is not as powerful as he thought (the first time they got it right, Buu kicked the crap out of him). Some of his trademark attacks include "Gotenks Dounut" which can trap opponents, and "Kamakazi Ghost" where Gotenks spits out smoke that turns into comical ghost replicas of him, which explode on contact with each other or an opponent.
VEGITO (Vegit): The fussion between Goku and Vegeta from the comics. He looks kind of like SS2 Goku wearing Vegeta's costume. He was very powerful, but after he broke apart, Vegita broke his earing at the prospect of being eternally fused with Goku.
GOEGITA: The fussion between Goku and Vegeta from movie number 12. He looks like a wicked version of Vegeta wearing a persian vest and pants. Looks alot like Gotenks.

Nemeks Back To Top
A race of green skinned aliens. Their limbs can stretch out, and they have the ability to regenerate damage. They also have antenas, and can absorb each other's life energy, and thus become Super Nemek-ja. Their home world was destroyed by Freeza.

PICCOLO DAIMAO (Ma): Piccolo's father. He was a demon imprisoned in a rice cooker by Mutenroshi's teacher. He created offspring by spitting out eggs. He was killed by Goku (who was a kid at the time), but he spit out Piccolo's egg. He looks wrinkly and old.

PICCOLO (Ma Jr.): Goku's former arch-enemy, Piccolo is the second strongest being on Earth and nearly as determined as Goku in his ongoing struggle against the Saiyans. He is from the planet Namek, from where the ancient art of making the Dragon Balls originated. He is looking for Earth's Dragon Balls to serve his own evil wish, but upon the arrival of the Saiyans, he joins forces with Goku to defend the planet against an even greater evil. It is a volatile relationship at first, but the bond between them strengthens slowly, until a fierce battle with a Saiyan warrior sends Goku on a new journey of his own and leaves Gohan in the care of Piccolo. Knowing that more Saiyan warriors are on their way to Earth, Piccolo takes Gohan to a very remote forest to train and prepare him for the greatest challenge that the planet Earth has ever experienced. Piccolo wears an extremely heavy cape as constant training for his muscles. He is green and lizard like, and possesses uncanny powers to regenerate parts of his body when he is injured. As young Gohan trains with Piccolo, he sees the good in Piccolo and the ongoing relationship brings Piccolo's goodness more and more into the light.
KAME-SAMA: Piccolo's "soul mate", he is (essentially) God. When Piccolo dies, he also disappears, and vice versa. Plus, when he dies, the Dragon Balls don't work any more. He entered a tournament in order to trap Piccolo back into the Rice Cooker where Ma came from. He eventually is absorbed by Piccolo to save the world.
DENDE: A little kid Nemek who the heroes meet during the Freeza encounter. He becomes the next Kame-Sama.
NAIL: Another Nemek met during the Freeza encounter, he was wounded, and Piccolo absorbed him.

Cosmic Characters Back To Top
Here are a few of the cosmic characters outside the human, saiyan, and Nemek sphere.
KING KAI/KAIOU-SAMA: A guy who looks kind of like either a catfish or a really big roach. Goku met Kaiou-Sama after he died the first time. He taught Goku the Genki-Dama (Prayer Fireball), which he eventually used to destroy Buu. Lives on a planet at the end of the snake road, and can contact people telepathicly. His planet is small, but apparently is the center of a gravity well.
SENPYOU: A cat who lives on top of Karin tower. He trained Yajirobee, and first introduced the Senzou beans. He carries a large staff, considering his small size.
BUBBLES & GREGORY: Companions of Kaio-Sama. Bubbles is a monkey, and Gregory is a cricket. Apparently, Gregory wasn't in the comic, only the TV series.
MR. PO PO: Kame-Sama's assistant. He wears a turban, and has pointy ears. He also has a flying carpet.
KAIOSHIN: One of the Four Cosmic Kaioshin gods (he's the east). He appears as an androgenous punk teenager. He wants to defeat Buu, but is affraid since Buu absorbed two of the other Kaioshin gods.
KIBIT: Kaioshin's assistant. He is a healer, and much larger than Kaioshin.
KAIOBIT: The result when Kaioshin and Kibit switched earings- a perminently fused being.
THE OLD KAIOSHIN: A perverted old man Kaiou god, he was trapped in the Zet Sword. He used his cosmic vision powers to see Ettchi magazines far away. He taught Gohan some new powerful techniques. (known as Dai Kaioshin sama).

Space Pirates Back To Top
Here is the mottley crew of mercenaries under Freeza's orders.
FREEZA: The leader of a group of Space Pirates who once had an alliance with the Saiyans, before they destroyed the planet Vegeta. He started as a little kid floating in a carriage, but grew into several different forms, ending as an androgeneous, white skinned lizard creature of incredible power. He was critically wounded by Goku, but escaped the planet Nemek before it blew up. He was killed by Trunks when he attacked Earth.
KING COLD: Freeza's father. He was defeated in a duel by Trunks, then killed.
COOLER: Freeza's older brother. He only appeared in the Movies. After he was defeated once, he returned as part of a bio-mechanical planet, and produced several metallic "Freeza" robots.
ZARBON: An androgeneous fighter of terrible power who worked as Freeza's right hand until he was killed by Vegeta. He could turn into a giant monster version, but that couldn't stop Vegeta.

The Ginew Sentai Team Back To Top

GINEW: The leader of the team. He is a purple skinned, horned alien who has mastered a technique of switching bodies with an opponent. In the end, he switched bodies with an alien frog by accident.
RECOOM: A big galoot who has orange hair and looks human. He is very durable, and can breathe fire.
BATA: He is very fast. Very, very fast.
BEEF: Another humanoid character, he is small, and has orange skin and long white hair.
GISEU: A little green guy with four eyes. This little malicious nut can paralyze opponents with his powers. His head was ripped off, and then stepped on.

Artificial Beings Back To Top
Many of these Androids are built by the reminence of the Red Ribbon army's Dr. Gero.
ANDROID 20 (Dr. Gero): Gero's mechanical body. He created the other cyborgs, but was killed by 17. He could drain ki energy from opponents via red dots on his hands, including absorbing energy attacks without damage.
ANDROID 19: A fat chinese android with powers like 20. Vegeta ripped his arms off to prevent him to drain ki, and then killed him.
ANDROID 18: A pretty blonde girl android who worked with Android 17. She was powerful enough to beat up Vegeta. She was absorbed by Cell, but he coughed her out after taking a beating from Gohan. Kururin eventually fell in lover with her, and wished her able to be human. Although she had a daughter, she was still incredibly powerful. She threw a fight against Mr. Satan to save his reputation.
ANDROID 17: An androgeonous boy android who is 18's "brother". He has black hair, and looks alot like 18. 17 killed his maker, Dr. Gero. He was absorbed by Cell.
ANDROID 16: A super powerful android who didn't exsist in F.Trunk's timeline. He is more powerful than 17 or 18, but he had a peaceful soul. He could fire his arms off. Cell beat him up, and knocked his head off.
HATCHETMAN: An earlier attempt by Dr. Gero, he is number 8 (i think). He looks like Frankenstein. He was supposed to stop Goku (when he was a kid), but befriended him.
CELL: Dr. Gero's ultimate creation, Cell started as a cross between lizard and insect.He had a tail with a pointed siphon on the end which allowed him to not only absorb the life energy, but knowledge and skills of them, too. He came from the future where he had killed and absorbed several of the heroes including Goku, Vegeta, and Piccolo to absorb 17 and 18, who had been killed by Trunks in the future before he could absorb them.
PERFECT CELL: Cell's ultimate form after absorbing 17 and 18. Perfect Cell was almost unbeatable, since he could regenerate like Piccolo. At one point, P.Cell bloated himself with energy so Gohan couldn't attack him, so Goku teleported him away to Kaio-Sama's planet, where Cell blew up killing Goku and Kaio. Unfortunately, Cell regerated from the ashes, and returned to earth. Finally, Gohan blew Cell off the face of the earth, but luckily, Cell had coughed up 18 earlier, so she was spared.
CELL JR.: The menacing offspring of Cell. They look like diminutive versions of him. They were killed by Gohan.

Earth Beings Back To Top
These are the creatures of earth, although not all of them are human.

KRILLIN / KURURIN: Krillin is an Earthling, who as a young boy studied martial arts under Master Roshi with Goku. Once a fierce rival of Goku, the two are now the best of friends. Realizing how strong Goku is, Krillin has much respect for his friend. Short and bald, Krillin is often comical in his attempts to keep up with Goku and some of the more powerful champions of good. Krillin is however also a powerful warrior himself; courageous and capable of competing with the strongest around. In fact, Krillin has saved Goku's life a number of times due to his great skill and power. Krillin has a well trained ability to master a strong energy force capable of slicing through hilltops. Krillin is incredibly dedicated to the power of friendship and would do anything for Goku.

MASTER ROSHI / KAMESENNIN MUTENROSHI: A wise and ancient master of martial arts, Master Roshi has accumulated great power and knowledge throughout his life. He is extremely bald and has a flowing white beard. He normally appears as a feeble old man with sunglasses and a long beard wearing a hawaiian shirt. Sometimes he is called the "Hermit Turtle" because he has lived in isolation for countless years on a deserted island with only a turtle for companionship. He is also called quirky, a kook and a smelly old codger, but that's beside the point. His odd and frail appearance disguise the champion inside him. He is the one who trained both Goku and Krillin and taught them the Kamehameha, a power which is channeled through the hands, creating a wave of tremendous energy capable of destroying entire mountains in a single blast.
JACKIE CHUN: Mutenroshi's alter ego for entering tournaments. He puts on a wig and removes his sunglasses.
TENSHINHAN: Another of Goku's early rivals. He is a student of Tsurusennin, and has mastered the crane art. He is a bald triclops. He introduced the blinding technique to the series, and also had a bunch of other bizzare tricks including making four clones of himself, and growing an extra set of arms. His Ki Ko Ho attack involves him making a square with his hands, then firing an invisible blast that sheers away anything in the square. Eventually became an ally of Goku, ditching his old master.
CHAOZU: Tenshinhan's sidekick, a little dwarf who can paralyze opponents. His lack of self confidence is always his downfall, so he never plays that big of a role in the series.
YAMCHA: One of the first Z fighters. He was a highwayman looking for a girlfriend, and he fell in love with Buruma. He uses wolf style. At one point, he throws a tiny fireball that be can direct around. Has a scar on his face. All but non-existant in the later parts of the story. Apparently, he never succeeded with Buruma.
PUUARU (Poal): Yamcha's sidekick. He is a little cat who can shapechange. Not too bright, and he doesn't do much later on in the series.
OOLONG: A perverted pig who can shapechange like Puuaru. A joke on the Pig of Eight Abstinances from the Journey to the west story. Goku posses as a little girl to fool him. His weakness is his like of panties. At one point, he turns into Buruma to pay off Kamesennin for extinguishing the burning mountain. Doesn't do much except hang out at Mutenroshi's house during the later parts of the series.

CHI CHI: Chi Chi is a beautiful princess pure in heart and has a peaceful soul. She is always fair and just. As the young Chi Chi and Goku were growing up, he courageously saved her and she became his wife and the mother of their son, Gohan. Chi Chi is a loving wife and a patient, doting mother that believes young Gohan should develop his brain rather than his brawn. She is proud of Gohan's advanced studies, especially his math and geometry and hopes that he will someday become a great scientist. Goku agrees with Chi Chi about education, but strongly believes that each man should also be a brave warrior in the face of danger. While Chi Chi works hard to raise her son in an atmosphere free of conflict, she herself is a formidable martial artist who can defend her loved ones against the forces of darkness. Her father, the great protector Ox-King, who trained under Goku's grandfather along with Master Roshi, wanted to make certain that his daughter could take care of herself. He trained her to be his equal during combat. Although Goku is the strongest person on Earth physically, there is a saying that Chi Chi is actually the strongest person on Earth because she can get Goku to do anything she wants.
URANAI BABA: An old witch who floats on a crystal ball. She appears occasionally to help out the heroes. Kamesennin's older sister (yikes!)
GYUU MAOU (Ox King): ChiChi's father. He is a huge man with an ax.
YAJIROBEE: A little samurai who Goku meets. He cannot fly, but is handy with a sword. He was trained by Senpyou. By the end, he has grown a cool mustache.
TSURUSENNIN: Tenshinhan's mentor, and Kamesennin's rival. He is also Tao-pie Pie's brother. Master of the crane style. Eventually splits with Tenshinhan.
TAO-PIE PIE: A reoccuring villan, who appeared a lot during the early part of the series. He dresses in chinese clothing, and was really powerful. Later, he got cybernetic goggles grafted to his head, and removable hands revealing a gun and a knife. Apparently used to travel by throwing a log, then jumping on it (I guess).
PILOF: A little blue bad guy who vauegly resembles a nemek, or one of the grunt enemies from Chrono Trigger. He is dressed in chinese dress with a cap and a ruffled colar. He is one of the first real bad guys. Only a threat early on in the series, he does appear in Dragon Ball GT briefly. The first time he assembled the dragon balls, Oolong snuck in and wished for panties, ruining his efforts.
SHU: Pilof's henchman. He is a dog in a ninja costume. Not too competent.
MAI: Pilof's (*ahem*) henchwoman. She wears a large coat, and works with Shu. Not too bright either.
TONIN JINKA (Rabbit Carrot Changer): An early villan who turned Buluma into a carrot. Goku beat him until he turned her back. In that city, Buluma gained her "Bunny" suit to impress Yamcha.
KUSHAMI / LUNCH (Ranchi): A somewhat minor character who hangs out Kame house. As Kushami, she is a violent and rude indivudual, but if she sneezes, she becomes the gentle and cute Lunch. Lunch can turn into Kushami in the same way.
MR. SATAN: A pro-wrestler who was hailed as the world' savior after the Cell battle. Since Gohan and the other Z fighters fled the battlefield after Cell's death, only Mr. Satan was left when the media arrived. So, they built Satan City, where Gohan lives, and goes to Orange Star Highschool. Satan has a big afro, and is probably pretty good at what he does, but not nearly as good as even Kururin. He was also sent to get rid of Buu, but his exploding gameboy, poisoned chocolates, and timebomb didn't do it, so he befriended him. He was shot to death by joyriders, but was brought back by Buu.
SATAN'S DOG / BUU'S DOG: A little dog who Buu healed, and then wouldn't leave. He was shot again by joyriders, and it angered Buu to the point where he made Evil Buu appear. He turned out alright in the end.
VIDEL (Beederu): Mr. Satan's daughter who went to school with Gohan. She didn't respect her father as much when she learned that Gohan really killed Cell, not her father. She is a pretty good fighter, and was taught to fly by Gohan. After being thrashed by Babidi's henchmen, she was healed by Senzou. In the movies, she gets her own Great Saiyawoman costume to fight crime. Her daughter was Pan, and I see the resembelance. Her name is a pun on Devil (rearrange the front and back), because of her relation to Mr. Satan.
SHARPENER & IREZA: Videl and Gohan's classmates. There may be a third guy, but I forgot his name. Pretty minor characters, though.

BULMA: A misguided teenager with blue hair, a hot pink outfit and a personality which won't allow her to be silent for a moment, Bulma was immature, emotional, self-centered, impatient, argumentative, boy-crazy and prone to fits of hysterics as a child. She eventually blossomed into an often confused woman with a new hairstyle, a new outfit... and the same personality! Fortunately, Bulma is also incredibly determined and an extremely talented technician. She will do whatever it takes to achieve her goals, and will let nothing stand in her way - not mountains, not alien invaders, not even pride. And since she is a mechanical genius who can operate and repair practically anything, she is extremely valuable to the team. As a team member, Bulma can sometimes be difficult and frustrating to work with due to her strong sense of independence, but she has saved the day more than once for the rest of her friends.
UUBU: The reincarnation of the True Buu, but without the evil. He is a black kid with a shaggy mohawk. He fought Goku at the final tournament in vol. 42, then Goku took him on as a student.

Here are the minions of Babidi. Most of them were created with his magical powers. All his minions are branded with an M on their forehead. Their names come from the song lyric from Cinderella "Bibidi, Babidi, Buu".
BABIDI: The evil wizard who wanted to unleash Buu. He has strange magic powers. Babidid looks like a little wrinkled thing. He was killed by Buu, who was tired of hearing him talk.
BIBIDI: Babidi's father who created Buu 300 years ago. He was in the series in name only, having been dead for while.
DABURA: Babidi's assistant, he looks like the classic western Devil. With his spit, he can turn people to stone (which he did to Kururin, Piccolo, and I think, Kibbit). He can also breath fire, and has a sword and lance as weapons. Buu killed him, and then all the stoned people turned back to normal.
BUU: The "ultimate" evil. He appears like a huge pink baby in arabian garb. He has one Antenna coming off his head, and numerous vents all over his body. He is far more powerful than Cell, but without a purpose. By firing a blast from his antenna, he can turn someone into any food item he desires (usually cookies, but once, he turned someone into milk for a blind boy). He befriended Mr. Satan, and promised not to kill anymore. Then, Buu's dog got shot, and he vented Evil Buu out. Evil Buu absorbed him, but by the end of the series, he came back to help the heroes. In the end, he's a good guy. This was Buu after absorbing 2 Kaioshins. He hatched from a big walnut.
EVIL BUU: A tall grey version of Buu created when fat Buu vented steam. He reflected Buu's cookie blast, and ate him, becoming Super Buu.
SUPER BUU (Skinny Buu): The result of Evil Buu eating fat Buu. He appears as a fully grown man, but very freaky. He always cocks his head to one side, and laughs a lot. He can turn into goo and slide down someone's throat, then expand and kill them from the inside. Very, very powerful. He can regenerate his body from as little as mist. By breaking pieces of himself off, then enveloping people in the pieces, he can absorb their powers.
GO-BUU: After Buu absorbed Gohan, he looks like Buu wearing Gohan's costume. Very powerful, but didn't last too long. He grew a nose for this transformation.
TRUE BUU (Kid Buu): After Goku and Vegeta freed all the people Buu had absorbed (including fat Buu), Buu reverted to his true form, a little Kid (a hear about 12 years old). A little sullen kid, he destroyed Earth with a house sized fireball. He was finally destroyed by a giant Genki-Dama from Goku, who borrowed ki energy from all the people of recreated earth, and the Z heroes.