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Why Doesn't Goku have a tail like Gohan
Goku doesn't have a tail because he got it surgically removed.?

Who are the Say-jins?
The say-jin are people who distroy planets then sell to other people. Goku was put on Earth as a baby to when he grew older he would distroy it. Goku was violent when he was a baby but he fell on his head and was good from then on.

Who exactley is Future trunks?
Future Trunks is Trunks when he is older. Bulma and Vegita have baby Trunks. Later Bulma makes a Time Machine and Trunks from the Future is here. He helps them defeat Cyborg Freeze and King Cold. He also warns them about the androids.

When Freeza said he is the strongest living thing in the universe is that true.
No first of all Freeza is a big fat lier you should know that. Her dad King Cold is weaker but her brother Kooler is Stronger. Then there is Cell then Perfect Cell then Super perfect cell he is much stronger then Freeza.

Do Vegeta and Bulma get married?
Yes thay do ,this is a something I get all the time.

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