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DBGT Full Summary (LONG)


DBGT Full Summary (LONG)
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Full Summary


After Dragonball Z, Akira Torimaya was extremely tired, and sweared he would never make another Dragonball comic. But, as usual, the power of fans shone through, and in 1996-1997 some animators who wanted the legend to live on, produced 64 episodes of the last volume of the dragonball trilogy, and what many people think to be the most confusing(trust me, it is. This took me a LOOONG time to figure out, then a LOOONG time for me to put it so you could understand it) but action-packed of the series. Strictly in Japanese with English subtitles and rare on the market, you would be a happy farmer if you caught a video of these. Akira Torimaya, unlike DB nd DBZ, neve made DBGT into a manga. Well, enough of my boring talk, and here goes, all of the chapters of Dragonball Grand Tour.

Chapter 1-- The Mysterious Dragonballs Appear!! Gokou Becomes A Child?? Gokou and Uubu are training atop Kami's lookout, and Uubu has become a very strong teen. The damage to the palace is critical, and Mr. Popo and Denday are getting nervous. Meanwhile, an old Pilaf, Shau, and Mai are climbing to the top in mechs. They get inside the palace, and it seems that they have located all 7 Dragonballs, but theses strange balls are all located in a skeleton-shaped urn. These are the Ultimate Dragonballs, created by Piccolo Daimao long ago. The Ultimate set, or the Dark Star Dragonballs, are even more powerful than Denday's set. Uubu and Gokou finish sparring, and they heal up. Uubu and Gokou promise to get together again next year to fight, and Uubu flies back to his own life. Shau tells Pilaf that this is always the point where they are interrupted. Pilaf says it won't happen this time, and he summons a very yellow, very BIG Shenlong. Gokou is just about finished eating, and he notices that the sky is dark. He explores, and sees Pilaf. Pilaf rages that Gokou is so big, and he fires some missles at Gokou. Gokou easily catches them, and, under his breath, Pilaf wishes that Gokou was small again. Ultimate Shenlong says "so be it" and Gokou is turned into a 14-year old Gokou. Pilaf and his gang scream, and Mr. Popo and Denday arrive to see this shocking form of Gokou. Kaiosamma contacts the trio, and tells them that only the Dark Star balls can reverse the wish, but they are now scattered across the universe. Gokou is taking this lightly, and he goes down to earth to get something to eat. In Satan City, Pan, dressed like a teenage Videl, is wandering the streets with a boyfriend. Meanwhile, Master Roshi is running through the street in search of her. Pan makes her boyfriend go to the movie theater. At the theater, there has been a hostage situation, and the bad guys seem to be enjoying blowing up police cars. All this commotion is disturbing Gokou so he steps outside of the resturaunt he was at to see what's up. He gets ready to beat up the guys, but Pan pushes him away and tells him to go get a lollipop. She beats the heck out of the guys, and the boyfriend runs away in terror. Master Roshi arrives, and is shocked to see a chibi form of Gokou. He calls Pan over, and they both think something's wrong. The Z team regroup at Gokou's house, and the team speculates how to get all the Dark Star Dragonballs. Then, Kaiosamma calls in, and mentions a much BIGGER problem--Since the Dark Star Dragonballs' power are so great, they have put a lot of pressure on the planet, and if they are not gathered within a year then the earth will explode. So, Chibi Gokou's new adventure begins. Chapter 2--I am the Leader!! Pan Flies into Space! This starts out with Trunks being escorted to his Capsule Corp office. He can't handle it, so he jumps out a window. Pan is now intterupting Goten's call to a girlfriend. Gokou's family is worried about him going off to space alone, so Gohan volunteers. Pan wants to join too, but Chi-Chi scares her away with scary stories. Pan is trying to bew an adult, and her grandfatrher is a child. It is very confusing. At Capsule Corp, Buruma says that the ship is not big--only enough room for 3 people. Meanwhile, a thug is waiting outside Capsule Corp to ambush Buruma. Vegita, dressed as thug, is dismissed as a lousy captive and he laughs. Pan and Gokou are working on the ship, and the thug jumps out to grab her. Gokou steps in the way, and he's kidnapped. At Mr. Satan's martial arts school, he watches in horror as Pan trashes his entire class. Pan wants to fight some more, and Mr. Satan claims he has a cold. Meanwhile, Gokou is fed lots of food, and then the thugs call Capsule Corp to try and get a ransom. But, the thug's phone card runs out and he doesn't finish his message. Gokou runs to go get a phone booth, and when he returns with it they run away in terror. Trunks is escaping from his office again, and Vegita catches him. He tells Trunks he wants him and Goten to go along with Gokou for the experience. It is now time for the launch, and Trunks and Gokou enter the ship. Then, Goten gets a call from his girlfriend. Videl asks where Pan is, and Gohan replies "with Bra", but Bra is standing right next to them. Inside the ship, Pan relveals herself hidden in a corner and she hits the ignition button. Goten is left ot date his girlfriend and everyone else is speechless. Chapter 3--The Ultimate Moneygrubbers!! Imegga, Planet of Merchants! Trunks hates life in the ship, and wants the Master Control Key so that they can return home, but Pan has it. Pan drops it down her shirt for safekeeping. On Earth, Chi-Chi is hoping that they are doing OK, since they have been in space for 7 days. Buruma is trying to figure out what the missing component is to the ship. (??) Pan is assigning chores to everyone, and Trunks orders Pan to call him Trunks-san instead of Trunks. Pan wants Trunks to call her Pan-sama. (San-Mr, Sir Sama-God, Master) Then, the ship lurches left, and the engine flies off. Trunks tells the kids to sit down, and Pan yells that she doesn't want to die until she has at least one good date. They then crash into a planet. They get out, and reach a market town. Trunks asks for some ship parts at a store, and the merchants whip out all the ones they are missing. They have until tommorow to pay off the bill. They enter a hotel, and they get a room. A bellboy thinks Gokou is luggage, and he won't release Gokou without getting a tip. Trunks watches the television set, and a news broadcast introduces the leader of Planet Imegga, Don Kia. They break the chains on the door, and escape from the hotel out into the rain. She falls through a wall, and meets a poor family. They tell her that all the merchants here are money hungry because of Don Kia. The rent police arrive, and trash the apartment since the family can't pay the rent. Gokou wants to fight them, but Trunks and Pan agree to run. Pan wonders if this planet has a Dragonball. Trunks pulls out the Dragon Radar, but a strange voice yells out "energy" and Trunks drops it next to a robot. It keeps saying "energy", and it eats the Radar. It refuses to give back the Radar since it is a good source of energy. Meanwhile, a vehicle towes away thier ship. They try and get it, and the robot escapes. Soon, Gokou catches it, but the ship is gone. Chapter 4--Wanted!! Gokou is a Criminal!? Pan and Trunks want to catch the truck, so Gokou suggests they teleport. The robot tries to get away with the Radar, but Pan ties it up, stuffs it in her bag, and tells Trunks to carry it. They teleport, but hten realize that Gokou has lost the ability to teleport since he has become a child again. Don Kia is eating pudding when he is intterupted by two minions--they have found a ship which is being analyzed right now. Don Kia only cares about money, so he tells them to sell it for money. That night, the trio infiltrate the building which has their ship. Gokou spots it in the courtyard. They sneak past all the guards (It's funny in the show) and Gokou goes to hold off the upcoming guards, since they triggered a security system. Then, a guard throws a soda can into the room, and hits Pan in the head. Pan falls and Trunks keeps her from yelling. A rock falls on Trunks's head, and he falls onto the robot. It yells out and the guards are alerted. They trash the guards, and they free the ship. Don Kia's minions show up, and Pan gets into a hovercraft. She can't drive right, and she wrecks many of the Don's statues. The two minions get ready for a twin energy ball attack, but Gokou blocks it and then it's batted away by a leopard man. The leopard sees Gokou, and figures out that he is a Saiyajin. The trio get in the ship and blow through the roof. Don Kia yells at his minions for screwing up, and the leopard dude speaks up. (His name is Rejjik) Don apologizes to Rejjik, and they plan another assualt VS our heroes. The following day, Trunks works on the ship and he buys them food. When they arrive, the townspeople split and they notice the wanted posters on the wall--of them! Gokou thinks this is funny. At night, they are all starving, and the robot starts acting like a Dragon Radar. They go inside the town to where the robot is indicating, but then the police arrive and traps them in. Chapter 5--See, the Strong Guy!! The Bodyguard Rejjik! The police search the city, and a woman comes out of her apartment. Gokou tells her that they aren't bad. The trio then runs away, by jumping across rooftops. Kiru is waiting under on a street, and they easily fly across, while Gokou falls. He uses Kiru's face as a trampoline and gets back with the group. Later, Pan falls through a roof and lands on Gokou, He yells at her to get off, and that she's fat. Then an old couple comes, and the group decides to run since they'll be recognized. But, the old couple say that if the evil Don Kia is against something, it must be good and they invite them to dinner. The trio hears about the village's problems, and that long ago Don Kia arrived in a ship with Rejjik. Pan asks why they don't fight back, and she's told that Rejjik's power is horribly strong. Gokou asks for seconds, and the woman tells him that there's not enough. Then they realize that they've eaten all of the couple's food. Pan goes ballistic, and Pan orders Trunks and Gokou to get ready to go to Don Kia's. The woman is worried, but Pan says that they can take anyone on. The trio steps outside into the police. Geal and Kiru are scared for another fight, but then the gang surrenders and they're hauled away. In his office, Don Kia is rolling in his money and is told that Geal has captured the escapees. Suddenly, a guard flies through the door and Gokou, Pan, and Trunks come in. He asks where Geal is, and she's shown down in the basement with the rest of the defeated guards. Pan wants to kill Don Kia, but she's caught in a force field. Don pulls out a whole arsenal and fires upon Pan. Then, Rejjik comes out and tells Don that weapons are useless VS these guys. Don Kia orders Rejjik to attack, but Rejjik says he doesn't take orders from anyone and wants to know how strong the three are. Trunks attacks and he's flung away. Gokou attacks and tells Trunks to rescue Pan. Rejjik and Gokou fight, and there's just two blurs firing energy blasts and attacks at each other. Rejjik pulls out some magic swords, but Gokou breaks them. He pulls out a spear, which Gokou blocks but is smashed into the ground by Rejjik's fist. Gokou thinks this is fun, and he goes SSJ1. Gokou shatters Rejjik's spear, then demolishes Rejjik. Rejjik tries an energy blast, but Gokou does a Chou Kamehameha that knocks Rejjik through the castle walls. Gokou says the fight's over, and Rejjik curses the kid. Pan gets free, and they confront Don Kai. Don Kia grabs his money, and yells to Rejjik to rescue him. Rejjik beats up Don Kia, and tells Gokou that next time they fight Gokou will lose. Don Kia apologizes to Pan, and he says he'll do anything they want. He refuses to stop charging rent, so Gokou beats him up even more. The next morning, the trio carries all the money out from Don Kia's palace. They give it all back to the villagers and sellls the army to the villagers. Their ship is ready, and Pan wonders how they will find the balls with out Radar. They find out that the robot has escaped again, and she finds it and beats it up a bit. The robot opens its back to reveal a panel like the Dragon Radar, so they take the bot with them, and she falls asleep with Gokou. Chapter 6--It hurts, eh?! Gokou the dentist! They reach the next planet, and Gokou asks the robot its name. It replies "DD4649T22006Rs". its serial number. It announces that the Dragonball is on the planet. Trunks brings them in for a landing, and they crash again. They have landed on a giant turtle, and end up running from a bunch of them. Everything on this planet is bigger than earth's. Gokou rides a horned beetle, and Pan changes from her clothes to some butterfly skin. She then flies off with some other butterflies. Trunks arrives, and asks where Pan is. Gokou says they don't need Pan. Pan finds a flower, and lays down on it until a swarm of bees carry her off. Trunks finds the Dragonball in an apple orchard, but an apple falls on it. A bird swoops down, and picks up the apple (the ball has been embedded in it) Some giant thing thunders past, and a hand grabs the apple from the bird and puts it in the bag. They go to chase him, but then they hear Pan scream. Gokou doesn't care, but Trunks says they can find the ball later with the robot. Gokou wants to know why Pan is so important. The bees return to their hive, and Pan is stuck in a honeycomb. Pan is angry, but then she feels how soft the larvae are and begins to enjoy herself. Trunks finds a spider web, and they think Pan is stuck in it. Gokou gets webbed, and Trunks beats the spider up. The webbing is torn open, and they find a queen bee inside. In the hive the bees start to bring honey to Pan. Pan then realizes that they think Pan is the queen. She leaves the hive, and the swarm follows her. She zooms past the human, who is carrying a trout. Pan and Gokou almost smash into each other, and Trunks explains that the bees return to the hive with their queen. Gokou wonders how Pan could be mistaken for a queen. Pan is surprised that they don't have the ball, and then the robot runs out of power. They see the giant cooking the fish over a fire. Gokou runs over to try and get it. They get to the pile of apples, and the Dragonball can be seen from the top apple. Gokou flies to get the Dragonball, but it's bumped and falls to the giant's feet. The giant eats the apple and tosses away the core. Pan says they will have to wait until the giant can relieve himself. Suddenly the giant is thrashing around in pain. Gokou flies to him, and sees the ball jammed into his molar. Gokou flies in to get the ball out, but the giant closes his mouth and Gokou has to resort to a Kamehameha. It blows open the mouth, and the molar flies out with Gokou. The giant calms down and the trio get their first Dragonball. Gokou returns the tooth and tells the giant he should brush more. They get back in the ship and fly off, and Gokou thanks the robot. It just says "Giro Giro". Gokou decides to call the robot Gill. Chapter 7--Beloved Honey!? The Betrothed Is Trunks! Pan ties up Gill after he tries to eat some circuit boards, and Trunks and Gokou take Gill's side. Gill then proceeds to wolf down her scissors. They land on a nice planet, and come to a small village. They find all the villagers around one house. Trunks asks what's happening and he's told "zunnama". Gill points out that the woman in the household has a Dragonball woven into her ponytail. They rush into the house and clearly state what they're looking for. Then, the girl's boyfriend, Doma, pushes them away, telling them they don't know how long until Zuunama is coming back. Trunks says they should talk to that person. Gokou eats, and the village elder tells them that Zuunama is a terrible beast who eats everything. Then, a giant catfish is shown approaching the village. Gill runs around in a panic. Zunnama has come to demand the woman as a bride. He makes earthquakes by dancing since she doesn't come out, but then Reenu comes and tells the monster to stop the earthquakes. The villagers hold Doma back, and Zuunama says he'll be back tommorow, for he wants Reenu to look prettier. That evening they prepare a feast for Zuunama, meaning Gokou can't have dinner. Pan wants to defeat Zuunama. Pan tells the villagers that Trunks is Earth's #2 strongest fighter. Trunks knows she is bluffing. Doma wants to fight too, so Pan agrees. Pan is impressed with Reenu's wedding dress, and she tries to force Gokou to wear it. (This seems to have happened before in Dragonball....Gokou impersonating a bride to a monster....Pocawatha to Oolong) Pan tells Gokou he'll be a decoy until Zuunama is so drunk that he can't move. She then says she'll use the scissors to cut off Zuunama's whiskers.(He uses then to make earthquakes)They then realize that Gokou makes a lousy decoy, so Trunks is forced to wear the gag. He sits through it since the prize is another Dragonball. The next morning Trunks poses in his costume, glad that his father isn't here to see him. A woman arrives with a container of really strong sake, and Doma arrives ready to fight. Trunks runs up to the second floor and trips, and Zuunama orders the girl to come out now. Trunks speaks in his own voice, but in woman's language. Pan gets mad at him, so he changes tune and says he has a cold. Zuunama then tells the "girl" to come closer so that he can look at her better. Chapter 8--Gokou Also Thunders!! The Whiskers' Power is at Full! Trunks is forced to come closer. Trunks stalls, and Pan yells at him to move it. Gokou just wants to fight, but Pan tells him to wait. Zuunama then takes Trunks to his mountain. Zuunama tells Trunks to stop getting sick, and they dive under a mountain into the caves inside. Pan and the others reach the pool, and Pan complains about seeing Gokou naked. He says they've taken many baths together when Pan was younger, but Pan said that was different, and Doma is shocked that Gokou is Pan's grandfather. In the cave Trunks wipes the sweat from his face, smearing his lipstick. Then, his wig falls into a magma pool. They sit down to eat, and Trunks tries to get Zuunama to drink the sake. Trunks then makes Zuunama look the other way and he splashes sake all over the fruit. Zuunama eats it all, and he quickly becomes and angry ugly drunk. The heroes show up now, and are seen by Zuunama. Zuunama gets mad, and goes into a rage. Trunks changes out of the dress, saying it's good that Zuunama doesn't drink. Doma manages to cut one whisker, and Zuunama sneezes, blowing Doma away. He wakes up, and asks "Reenu" why she changed clothes. Trunks then tells him that he is a male. Zuunama then makes a huge earthquake which quickly ends. Pan figures out that Zuunama only senses when an earthquake comes and takes credit for it when it happens. Zuunama realizes they figured it out, and he tries to cover it up. Then. a lava pool explodes and everyone is forced to escape from the cavern. Gokou uses an energy bolt to smash into Zuunama, pushing them all out. The mountain looks volcanic, and Gokou blows it up with a Kamehameha. At the ship, Pan takes Reenu's ball, and Zuunama has been accepted by the villagers as an earthquake warning system. Then, the ball flies into a villager's hand. The villager takes off his disguise to reveal a blue-faced alien. He runs to a secret ship and flies away. Chapter 9--Dang!! Gokou Leaps Into the Trap Planet?! The crew jumps into their ship, and they fly after the alien. Inside it three aliens are looking at the ball and trying to figure out what the big deal is. They end up warping after each other, and Trunks bounces around like a pinball. The aliens are worried, and the ship's leader Bonpara asks the computer for a good place to land the ship. It tells him Beehei would be a good place for a trap, for it is filled with giant worm monsters. The aliens go into a tunnel leading to the planet's core, and hide in a cross tunnel as the good guys fly to the center. The computer calculates the humans' odds of surviving as 0.000000112%. Bonpara laughs at this, and the aliens fly away from Beehei. On the aliens' planet, worshippers are chanting a prayer. On stage a masked preist motions toward an idol holding an urn and asks for a sacrifice. His minion couldn't find anything, so he turns him into a doll with a whip and tosses him in to the urn. It bubbles, and the preist sas that Ruudo is pleased with the sacrifice. The three aliens want to run away, but Bonpara reminds them that they have the "Shadow Dragonball". They go to hand over the ball. The priest is surprised that Bonpara, Sunpara, and Donpara have done a good job. Then, they are reminded that there was another ball. He is going to punish them for missing it, but they run into the ship and order it to take them to the humans. In Beehei, our heroes are frustrated. Pan asks Gill where the ball is, and Gill replies "nowhere". Pan gets mad, and then Trunks checks the Radar, and it isn't on this planet. The rush back to their ship, and they are attacked by giant worms. The aliens arrive and can't locate the humans. They run around, and see the worms attacking. Donpara and Sunpara panic at the battle, and Bonpara says while the humans are fighting they can search the ship for the ball. Our trio uses energy attacks on the worms, but nothing happens. Gokou thinks these worms are super-strong. The three aliens run into the ship. Chapter 10--Dance Attack?! Boom-shakalaka! The aliens can't find the second ball, which means the humans must have it. If the humans die, though, the aliens will be turned to dolls. On Planet Ruudo, Mochimochi the priest is turning some prisoners to dolls. They are tossed into the flasks, and the aliens cheer for Bonpara's gang to lose. Gokou rides bareback on a worm, and falls into a hole. Gokou then pushes all of the worm out of the hole, and he trashes it. They do the same with the other worms. The aliens applaud them. Bonpara asks if the humans have the Dragonball. Pan demands the other ball back. The aliens then go into a fighting pose. They start a stare-down. They laugh, and remove their armor, which is really a 3-piece speaker/sound/light system. They start dancing, and all 4 of the heroes are forced to dance with them. Pan is mad at having to do such a bad dance. Gill burns out when the aliens speed up. The humans are then beaten up. Then, the worms wake up from their KO, and attack Bonpara. The aliens lose their concentration and the music show ends. Pan and the others beat up Bonpara. They tie up the aliens, and Pan, Gill, and Trunks search the alien ship for the Dragonball. They can't find it, but then the ship launches off. Chapter 11--The Curse Of Ruudo!? Pan Turns Into a Doll! The alien ship returns to Ruudo. Pan falls out and Gill lands on top of her. She tells him to help her up, but he just repeats "Danger, danger". She asks Gill what button she should press to return to Trunks and Gokou, and when she presses the one he points to she falls down a garbage chute. On Beehei, Gokou wonders where Pan is, and Trunks orders the aliens to tell him. The aliens say "1, 2, 1, 2, I don't know, 1,2,1,2, I don't know, 1,2,1,2, I don't know anything about Planet Ruudo". On Ruudo, Pan tries to figure out where she is while Gill eats electric cables. Pan guesses, from seeing all the similar ships lined up, that she is on the aliens' planet. Gill then discovers the location of the Dragonball. Pan wonders why the ball is here, then remembers that the aliens took the ball from the last planet she was at. She carries Gill and looks for the ball. They reach a large pillar. Gill repeats "Danger, danger" and Pan asks what kind of danger. Gill replies "the dangerous kind". Pan flies to the pillar alone. Inside, Pan hears chanting. She walks through the crooked hallways, and reaches the large room with Mochimochi and the Ruudo idol in it. Pan sees the second ball and two guards discover her. Gokou and Trunks land on Ruudo. Gokou and Trunks move in with the aliens tied to a rope. The aliens refuse to leave, so Trunks hits them with a laser. The aliens plead not to be taken to Mochimochi, and then Gill calls out that Pan is in danger. Meanwhile, Pan is beating up guards. Mochimochi sees her, and she yells at him for taking the Dragonball. Mochimochi says he is the priest of Ruudo, and he is trying to bring back the dead Ruudo. Pan ignores his jabbering and escapes with the ball. She tries to leave, but a beam from the idol's eye hit her. She is turned into a doll. Pan wonders why she can't move anymore. Mochimochi is about to put Pan in the urn, when an earthquake makes Mochimochi drop Pan. This earthquake is caused by Trunks and Gokou flying thorugh the planet. The aliens shout to Mochimochi that they have the ball, but he doesn't believe them. He turns the three into dolls and throws them into the urn--the bubbling increases rapidly. Gokou says that's horrible, but Mochimochi says it's a present for Ruudo. The statue shoots more beams, and hits the worshippers. Mochimochi is dumbstruck. Mochimochi's whip pulls Trunks to the ground, and then Gokou gets a gun stuffed up his nose. Mochimochi calls for the ultimate weapon to come out. A huge blue lion with long fangs. Gokou fires a Ki blast to the cieling, and the falling rocks crush the robot. Pan calls out to be saved, and Gill runs toward her. Pan thinks she is being saved, but Gill is really running away and runs over her face. Gill looks back. It goes to pick up Pan, but gets kicked away. Mochimochi can't believe that the ultimate weapon was destroyed. Then, an explosion occurs and Mochimochi blows up. Gokou and Trunks think it's over, when an evil voice says how talented intruders can be. They look around, and Mochimochi's whip turns into a yellow serpent who calls itself Muchi. Muchi says he is the true priest of Ruudo. Chapter 12--The Oracle Of God is Really Troublesome!! Soldier Ruudo! The worshippers run away, and Mushi gets in a stance. He snaps his whip-arms near the group's feet, and Gokou says this will be fun. Mushi starts whipping the floor, and rock slabs fly from the ground. Mushi has control of the planet. Gokou and Trunks run away, just missing the slabs. They get hit, and Trunks is blown through a wall to a courtyard below. He is buried under a pyramid of rocks. Gokou goes to help Trunks, but Mushi snaps the stairs and Gokou flies down. Mushi then launches several swords. Gokou escapes them, and Mushi puts two firey pots onto a pillar. Gokou's pants catch on fire, and Mushi shoots more flames at him. Gokou grabs a sword and cracks a firepot. Gokou tells Mushi to go head-to-head, but Mushi snaps the floor which grows hands and grabs Gokou. Gokou gets beat up on the floor, and then he gets smashed into a wall. He goes SSJ, and smashes Mushi up. Meanwhile, a monkey who looks like a man watches Gokou on a monitor. He strokes the Pan doll, and knows that Mushi cannot beat the kid. Then, a dude comes in and tells the monkey who they call Sect's Founder, that some guys have come and killed Moshimoshi. The monkey tells everyone to gather in front of Ruudo. Pan wonders how a monkey could be a founder, and then he produces a kind of silver flashlight. The worshippers are waiting in front of hte Ruudo statue. They are curious as to when Duro-Tacci is coming out. He comes out, and congratulates the men on their hard work. He tells them that Ruudo will come soon. Doru-Tacci bids them farewell, and the statue's eyes turn them all to dolls. Doru's flashlight turns from red to green, and the dolls are swept up into the urn. He walks away with the Pan doll in his arms. Underneath the rocks Trunks goes SSJ and flies off to rescue Gokou.Gokou is still SSJ, until he's smashed into a wall and reverts. Mushi begins to choke him, until a lethal energy ball hits Mushi head-on. Trunks asks if Gokou's OK, and he thanks him. Doru-Tacci is in a room watching it, and says this is "Cute Pan"'s room. Pan thinks Doru is a Doll Otaku. (Doll Fanatic) He tells Pan that she is his #1 favorite doll and won't be wasted on Ruudo. Doru picks out an aqua blouse for Pan to wear, and struggles to remove her shirt. She yells at him for being a pervert, but he rips it apart. (She has a flat chest)Then he is intterupted by an alarm. Ruudo's energy isn;'t enough to become a god, but he can move around. Doru is mad that his fun is being innterupted, and cheers for Ruudo to destroy the troublemakers. Gokou and Trunks see the statue, and look around for Pan. Gokou finds the Dragonball. Doru-Tacci introduces himself, and yells at Gokou for intterupting him. Gokou yells out Pan's name, and Doru figures that Ruudo can take care of these guys. He shines the flashlight on the statue, and the urn starts to crack. Doru laughs and Gill, on the ground, shouts out "danger danger". Chapter 13--This is Father and Son? The Riddle of Scientist Myuu! Ruudo breaks free of the rock casing, to reveal a yellow robot doll with a small tail. Gokou laughs at its funny face, but Trunks notices its high power level. Ruudo walks forward, and he is rather tall. Doru tells Ruudo to have fun, and he goes off to play with Pan. Pan says she has no intention on playing with this perverted doll otaku. Gokou and Trunks can't get past Ruudo, so Gokou slaps his butt at the robot. Doru-Tacci is having fun talking for Pan. Doru-Pan-Chan, do you like this dress? Pan-It's wonderful, thank you Doru-Tacci-san! Doru-No need tp be formal, Doru-Tacci is OK. Pan-Doru-Tacci. Doru-Pan-chan. Pan-Doru-Tacci. Doru-Pan-chan. He gives her a kimono and fixes her hair with a toothbrush. Pan hopes to be normal again and beat up the fanboy for revenge. Gokou gets Ruudo to chase him, and blasts Ruudo in the face. There is no damage. Trunks decides to go get Pan, but Gokou is thrown into Trunks's head. Ruudo steps on them. Pan's hair is fixed into two buns, and then a voice disturbs them. It's Dr.Myuu, the man who created Ruudo. Myuu wants to talk to Doru-Tacci. Doru kneels at the screen, and Myuu wants to know the status on gathering the Dragonballs. Myuu yells at him that they only have 1 ball, and Doru says they will have another once Ruudo has disposed of the two kids. Dr. Myuu appears on the screen, with red hair and mirror glasses. Dr. Myuu wants control over all the galaxies, and Pan tells him that was not what the balls were created for. Myuu wants the ball now. Myuu asks if Ruudo has enough energy to get to Level 3, and Doru says that Level 2 is strong enough to beat two boys. Gokou and Trunks turn SSJ, and explode Ruudo. The heroes revert to normal as Ruudo smashes through a pillar. Pan cheers, amd Myuu snarls. Trunks and Gokou attack Ruudo again, and they trip him. Ruudo fires eye bolts, and his arms start spinning like airplane propellers. They find out that Ruudo has great power, and takes it without understanding like a child. Myuu berates Doru-Tacci for not taking the proper precautions, and Doru accepts that he screwed up. Gokou and Trunks blast Ruudo's shoulders, and the bot overheats. The robot drops to his knees, his arms stop spinning, and he gets rid of the heat. The heroes attack again. Pan cheers them on. Myuu notices Pan stuck in Doru-Tacci's belt. Doru says that Pan is a friend of the intruders. Myuu says that Pan has great power and should be sacrificed. Doru-Tacci and Pan are both against this, so Myuu says that both of them can be given to Ruudo.He then turns Doru-Tacci into a doll. the souls of the two dolls enter Ruudo's mouth. Trunks and Gokou look in the urn for Pan, and Ruudo blows them away. The liquid in the urn fills up to the top, and Ruudo starts flashing red. Chapter 14--Can We Get the Rhythm Down Perfectly!? Capture Ruudo! Ruudo is flashing red, and Myuu is proud of his "son". He detonates the castle. Trunks yells that they need to rescue Pan quickly. Inside Ruudo, Doru-Tacci is about to kiss Pan. Many other dolls are around her. She screams and slaps Doru silly. The noise causes all the other dolls to wake up. Doru floats away, saying that Pan is not cute any more. Pan bashes Doru some more, and then fires an energy ball. The ball richochets and then smashes into Doru. They all decide to escape. Ruudo is getting carried away blowing up the planet, and Doru is afraid to talk to Myuu again. He won't tell Pan his secret to get out, so the three Para guys go into their dance routine, and treat Doru as a puppet. Q.What's your name? A.Doru-Tacci Q.Where are you from? A. Doll Planet Q. What is Ruudo's weakness? A.Its heart. Up above them a glowing ball, well, glows! Doru says that Dr. Myuu spun Ruudo around that heart. Gokou yells in pain, being squeezed. Pan runs to the skin and looks out, and Gokou can't hear her yelling. Pan fires an energy ball at Ruudo's heart. Ruudo is screwed up for a moment, but Gokou escapes. Doru-Tacci then tells Pan that to destroy him it has to come from the outside too. Gokou can't hear her, so Pan looks around for a way. The Para bros. say they can do telepathy, and Pan bashes them for not saying this earlier then pats them onthe head. Doru asks Pan to pat him on the head too, but she bashes him. Pan asks the Para bros to do telepathy, so in terrible 3-part harmony they sing. Ruudo is firing laser at Gokou, and he almost gets crushed by a pillar. Gokou hears the Para bros. telling him about the heart in his head, but he says he doesn't know where that is. Pan fires a bolt, making the heart shine. The Para bros tell him to attack there. Gokou tells Trunks. Trunks goes up, but then Ruudo hits him head-on with a Mouth Laser. Trunks is KO'ed. He shoots at the heart, but nothing happens. They try again, but Gokou's hits first. Pan says she'll count to three, but Gokou doesn't know english. Gokou fires on two. Ruudo hits him with eye lasers, and then another Mouth Laser. Gokou suggests counting Katsudon, Tendon, Oyakudon, and Pan can't believe Gokou is thinking about food. They try it, and it hits head-on. The heart explodes and all the souls return to the bodies. They all turn to normal, scattered across the downed castle. Pan gives Gokou a hug, amd Gokou says that he has the #6 ball. Gill runs up, but is kicked away by Pan for being immobile during the whole battle. Pan wonders where Doru-Tacci is, and he is shown flying through the clouds in a cruiser. Chapter 15--I Can't Take It Anymore!! Pan Runs Away! The ship is flying through space once more, and gives Gill a sample of her new recipe. He prints out a list of the stuff she needs to add to it. Pan gets mad and Gill says he just wants to make the food more delicious. They argue some more and Trunks yells at them for forgetting their mission to save Earth. Trunks says that they will probably have to go up against Dr. Myuu once more, for he wants the Dark Star Balls too. Trunks tells Gokou it would have been better if Goten had come instead of Pan. Pan hears this, and runs upstairs crying. Gill follows her. Pan looks out her window, and Gill golds out a hankerchief. Pan denies that she is crying, and Gill is confused as to why water is coming out of her eyes if she isn't. Later, Gill senses a Dragonball on a nearby planet. They get out on the surface, but think it is too hot and go back into the ship. A giant centipede attacks the ship, and it squeezes it before it's chased away. Trunks tries to fix the ship and has Gokou be a lookout. Pan tries to help Trunks, and Gokou tells her to stop bothering him. That blows Pan's top. She packs up her stuff, and a canteen of water, and flies away saying she hates Gokou and Trunks. Only Gill notices this. It's too hot to fly, so Pan begins to walk. Her parasol blows away. She runs after it and falls into a sand dune. Gill flies after Pan. Eventually, Pan runs out of water and realizes she is lost. Gill is walking after her, and disturbs a giant centipede. Pan collapses on the ground as the centipede closes in on her. Doru-Tacci arrives at Dr. Myuu's planet. He is rehearsing his speech, when Shogun Gilldo overhears him. Doru asks where Myuu is, and Gillan tells him that Dr. Myuu left a message for him--die. Gilldo fires an energy blast at Doru that kills him. Gilldo contatcs Dr. Myuu on a commlink, and asks for his next assignment. Dr. Myuu shows him pics of Gokou and Trunks, demanding they be brought to him. Back on the planet, Gill falls into a dune, discovering Pan's canteen. After dragging the canteen about a mile, it realizes it can't find Pan. At the ship, Gokou is trashing a sand centipede and Trunks tells Gokou to quiet down. Gokou shouts for Pan to join him, and realizes that Pan is gone. Pan's unconscious body is sliding down a dune into a jaw of a centipede. She recovers and escapes the monster, but is too weak to fight. She is about to be eaten, and yells for Trunks and Gokou to save her. Then, Gill come out of the sky and slams the monster away. Pan passes out from the heat, and watches Gill beat up the centipede. She dreams, seeing her friends and family, and apologizes to a grown-up Gokou. She wakes up to having water dropped on her by Gill. The robot found water AND killed the centipede, getting the #5 ball. Pan apologizes for her behaviour. Then, Gokou and Trunks show up. They go to the spring, and apologizes to Pan. Everybody's happy again, and they have 3 Dragonballs. Chapter 16--Machine Planet M2.......Gill the Backstabber!? Pan is piloting the ship, and then attacked by bunches of alien robot ships. We see that Pan is playing a VR game with Gill and losing. Gokou wakes up, complaining about Pan playing that game. Trunks asks Gill where the next ball is. Pan challenges Gill to another round, and Trunks asks who is winning. It's Gill--50, Pan--0. Gokou wants them to stop so he can sleep. Pan loses again. Trunks returns to flying the ship, Pan chases Gill around, and then she catches it, and Gill starts to overheat. The lights go out in the ship for a minute, and Gill sees out the window to a planet, and he wants to go there. Pan comes up behind him, and he yells "Pan! Danger!" and runs off. That night, Pan looks at the planet and a white blob covering the surface. The following day, Pan tells Trunks they need to take a detour. Gokou thinks there is food there, so Trunks finally agrees. The planet is red sand and craters, a lush forest, and then city ruins. In a tower, Shogun Rirudo is asking for a status report. A robot says that a ship has gone to Planet M2. Rirudo is pleased with DD4649T22006RS. Dr. Myuu appears, and Rirudo says he will soon deliver the prey. The ship lands in a clearing, and they step out to stretch. Then there is a scream-Gokou ate an apple in a tree and hurt his tooth. Pan yells at him not to eat weird food, and the "apple" is really a metal ball. Pan wants to keep it, but then Gill eats it. Gill gets an energy boost and blows up some forests. Later they reach the city. Gokou yells out "Is anyone here?" and suddenly thousnands of green versions of Gill line the streets. One welcomes DD4649T22006RS home. Gill claims not to know any of the robots.It also says that this is not its home planet. Gill then floats off. Shogun Rirudo yells out "DD4649T2200RS" and all the robots stop moving. Gill joins him in his tower, and he congratulates the bot on leading the humans here. Gill shows up back with the trio and leads them deeper into the city. They reach an older sect of the city, and Gokou senses the four robots planning to ambush them. The leader is amused that Gokou sensed them, and he is eager to get the three Dragonballs. The leader tells the others to power up, and Pan and Trunks are smashed into a building. Gokou is impressed, and asks who the robots are. They are M2's commandos, the Energy Cannon 4. Pan wants to know what they are going to do with Gill. She is told that he isn't Gill, but DD4649T22006RS, a member of the Energy Cannon 4. Pan doesn't believe it, and a robot breaks up into some BBs and encases Gokou and Trunks. They spray sleeping gas on the two boys and they pass out. They go to hurt Pan when Gill speaks up. Gill says that Pan is stranded here, and that she has the two balls that Shogun Rirudo needs. The robots fly away. Chapte r 17--Waiting For Pan!! The Tactical Strike to Rescue Gokou! Gokou and Trunks are sleeping in a prison cell. Rirudo is staring at them on a monitor, wondering how they could've beaten Ruudo. Meanwhile, a green growth is making its way to the tower. Pan moves forward, and runs into a bunch of purple robots. They run over her without knowing it. She trashes the last few ones. As Pan gets in the tower, she sneaks into the pipes on the ceiling to avoid the guard bots. Then, the pipe breaks and she falls onto a big robot. She slips into a corridor before the robot knows what hit him. She leans on a wall, and falls through to a conveyor belt in a robot factory. She has a new idea. She dresses up as a purple robot, and sneaks into a meeting where Shogun Rirudo is giving Gill a medal for giving them the balls. She thinks about what is going on, and then a big robot tells her that the meeting is over. Trunks and Gokou are being CAT scanned. The medic-robot is alarmed with the results, and shows Rirudo that his power level is super-high. Gill then comes in and gives Rirudo all the info on their fighting styles, and their weaknesses. The EC4 comes in and watches every battle Gill has watched by hooking up to him. Pan is marching with a bunch of purple robots, and she watches as they walk through a wall. The robots behind her push her, and she bounces off the wall. They say she has malfunctioned, and through her into a pile with a bunch of scrap. One robot tells Pan that this is also a heap for the "Machine Mutants", the robots that destroyed the planet's population years ago. It says that Gill and the Dragonballs are at the top of the tower, and Pan tells him that she is going to rescue the prisoners. The robot then tells her that the garbage compacter's walls are closing in. Pan throws off her disguise, and blows off the walls. She rescues the junk robots, and runs down the hall. Rirudo tells the EC4 to get Pan, and the smallest member goes out. He taunts her with some missles, then hits her. The robot tells Pan that Gill has told them all of the fighting styles. Pan breaks into tears and says she hates all of them. Pan powers up and destroys the robot with one blast. The other 3 robots are watching a movie of Trunks and Pan wondering to give Gill a snack. They laugh at how easily Gill decieved them.Gokou opens his eyes, and says that that was a dirty trick. Gokou adds that he thought Gill was their friend. Then, Pan busts into the room. A robot slaps her into the wall, and Gokou destroys the entire room. Episode 18--Yo, Some Data Is Missing!! Gokou's Ultimate True Determination! The newly-made Energy Cannon 3 (EC3) laughs at this attack. Gokou tells Trunks to take Pan to safety, while the EC3 gloats that now that they know the fighting patterns, this will be a sinch. Trunks takes Pan and the Dragonballs. Gokou and the EC3 leader fight, and Gokou is getting beat. Rirudo pats Gill on the head. Gokou fires an energy blast, but the EC3 sink into the floor and evade it. Gokou then fires energy balls in all directions, and the robots are blindsided into the wall. They ask how this is possible. Trunks takes Pan to their ship and finds it has been ransacked. He tells Pan that the balls are missing and they both get mad. The EC3 want to fight some more, and the leader says they will continue as the "Mega Cannon". They fuse into a big robot. Gokou gets blasted into a forest. The Mega Cannon switches to flying form, and it turns into a big dragonfly. The Mega Cannon is now faster than Gokou. Gokou grabs one of the Mega Cannon's drills, and throws it into a cliff. He tells the bot that it was fun, but since that was their full abilities it's boring. He tells them he has powers that Gill hasn't seen yet. Rirudo gets mad, and goes to take on Gokou himself. Gokou rapidly punches the Mega Cannon, and finishes them off with what looks like a Chou Kamehameha.(It's never specified) Gokou's hungry, and he senses a much bigger power coming. Back at the ship, Pan wants to go with Trunks to get the Dragonballs. Rirudo and Gokou are both flying towards the ship at the same time. Chapter 19--Set Out and Attack!! The Mighty Mutant Rirudo! Trunks and Pan are trying to figure out who is coming. Gokou arrives, and they ask him who else is coming. Pan tells him that the Dragonballs are missing. Then, Rirudo arrives. Rirudo is surprised that Gokou beat the Mega Cannon, and Gokou says Rirudo will lose the battle. Trunks says he can take Rirudo, and Pan asks where Gill is. He then says that he is the infamous Shogun Rirudo. No one's impressed. Pan runs up to Rirudo, and punches him in the face. She follows it with a kick, and the robot is sent flying. Trunks observes that Pan is a chip off the old block. (Gohan) Pan says that when she wants to do something she does. Rirudo stands back up, and tells them that he has given the balls to Dr. Myuu. Rirudo spits a green lighting at Pan. Trunks runs out to protect her, and he falls to the ground in a lead colored shell. (My friend remarks that this is what Han Solo received in the second Star Wars movie) Pan demands to know what happened to Trunks.(He disspeared) Rirudo says they can find out what happened by visiting the tower in the center of the city. Pan flies to the tower. Rirudo spits more lightning at Gokou, but the ship and part of a forest gets lead-encased. Gokou is angry that the ship was trashed. At the tower, Pan wonders where Trunks is. The alarm system goes off and the Red Commandos come out. Pan trashes the commandos and she orders the last one to tell her where Trunks is. Rirudo is blown into a hill, and fires a rocket to Gokou's head. Gokou dodges it but gets hit in the back of the head. Rirudo laughs, until Gokou blasts up Rirudo's stomach. Gill is watching as Trunks is about to be transported to Myuu. Pan arrives to late and Gill says "Pan, danger". Pan goes to attack Gill but the security system trasnports her to the bottom of the tower. On Myuu's planet Myuu is thinking about turning Trunks into an android, and having control of the universe. Hahaha..... Gokou fires energy blasts all around Rirudo, but he misses and then Gokou knocks a volcanic wall on top of him. Rirudo gets angry, and then after freeing himself from the rocks he is blasted with a Chou Kamehameha. Rirudo is in pain, and tells Gokou to die. Gokou says he isn't the one that was blasted with Kamehameha. Then, the EC4 (how they survived I don't know) jump out from the ocean and grab Gokou. Rirudo thinks it's over, and Gokou laughs and goes SSJ. He blasts Rirudo away, and blasts the EC4 to bits. Rirudo laughs that he is only using half of his power and then powers up to his max, creating a huge tornado. After the smoke clears, Rirudo steps out and Gokou looks forward to having some fun. Chapter 20--Surprise!! Gokou Is Attacked By A Metal Storm! Rirudo turns the remaining half of the forest to stone, and smashes Gokou into it. Rirudo uses his "Hyper Mega Rirudo Parts" and goes at Gokou with a giant drill. Gokou comments on Rirudo's power, then pummels him through the forest. Pan is fighting her way through the tower again and Pan yells at Gill again and gets trasported back outside. Rirudo is tired, and he decides to use all of his remaining power. he turns silver and smooth, and has control over the planet. Gokou goes to do a Kamehameha, but Rirudo turns the ground liquid metal and makes trees grow in front of Gokou. There is now a new huge liquid forest, and Rirudo goes to fuse with it. Pan re-enters the tower, and the Red Commandos are waiting for her. She trashes them, and then finds the old robot from the trash room. She asks him why she can't stay in the room Gill is in, and he answers that the trans-dimensional warp sends stuff to Dr. Myuu's planet. She asks how to use it, but he doesn't know. So, she punches it through the floor. Rirudo tells Gokou he is one with the planet. Gokou says he wants to start fighting. Rirudo is confused. On Dr. Myuu's planet, the doctor is commenting that Gokou seems to be the Legendary Super-Saiyajin. He laughs, and tells Trunks that he will be using the saiyajin's power soon. Pan and the robot get in an elevator, and 100 Red Commandos show up. Pan trashes them, but then she realizes they don't work anymore. She confronts Gill, and the transport starts. Then, the other robot pulls on a trigger and it stops. Pan gets back on her feet, and demands that Gill returns the balls. Gill is mad, and Pan says it can't rely on warps anymore. Gill simply walks through the door. Pan tries to get Gill to open it, but instead she uses a Kamehameha. Gill reactivates the warp, the old robot is captured, and the walls force her out. Outside, Pan wonders what to do. Then, she sees the three Dragonballs, and Gill's medal. She wonders why he sent them out. Gokou messes around, and he's not getting anywhere. Rirudo laughs that Gokou will soon be given to Dr. Myuu. Chapter 21--What Is This?! Gokou Is Turned To Metal! Rirudo's shockwave destroys the whole city excluding the tower next to it, and he scorches the countryside. Gokou hides in the rubble, amd Rirudo gets ready to blast him. A movie projecter starts running, and Gokou says that the female is screaming becasue of Rirudo. Rirudo angrily destroys what is left of the theater. Gokou lands on a drinking fountain, and laps up the water. Gokou sees Rirudo coming, and uses a Mouth Laser right in Rirudo's face. Gokou is running from Rirudo, and then Pan shows up saying she has the balls. Rirudo is ripping up the planet as he chases Gokou. Rirudo attacks both saiyajin, and they are encased in metal. Rirudo goes back to the tower and yells for Gill to teleport the tablets. Gill sends Gokou, but says it isn't necessary to send Pan. Rirudo sends her himself. At Myuu's lab, he laughs at having all the saiyajin and the 3 balls. All three tablets are placed on a table. Dr. Myuu switches on the system, and Gill is forced to watch as Gokou is cut up. Then, he runs over and switches the panel off. Myuu asks Gill why he did this, and Gill yells and fires a rocket at the control console. Gill pulls out a knife, and says that those three are his friends. Gokou is freed from the tablet, then Pan. Pan wants revenge on Gill as he explains to her what's going on. Myuu's robot grab Trunks, and they intend to crush it. Gill blows up the table they stick the slab on, and the tablet shatters on the floor. Everyone's in shock. Then, Trunks yells that he's OK, and walks down the stairs. Gill yells at Trunks for being late, and he says he was busy. Gokou says that this was a plan of Gill's. The Trunks tablet was fake. Pan hugs Gill. Myuu orders the bots to fire, but they are destroyed and Myuu runs upstairs. A door is opened to reveal a metal embryo. Chapter 22--Violent ambition!! Birth Of The Evil Baby! Gokou and Pan stare at the massive machine caring for Baby. Baby seems to be sleeping. Gokou and Pan wonder what kind of a machine mutant Baby is, and Trunks tells them it is a more potentially powerful neo-machine mutant. Trunks tells them that Gill had told him that if Baby suceeds, the mutant's kind would be unstoppable. Trunks them cuts the power to Baby's computer. Myuu goes nuts. Then, a "rain" starts. The thing is, this is a rain of meteors. Myuu fuses with his computer to try and save Baby. Gokou doesn't understand. Gill confesses that he's guilty of doing many bad things for Myuu. Trunks goes into a flashback. When Trunks was a tablet, Gill teleported to Myuu's late at night. Gill freed Trunks, and they learn all about Myuu's plans. Then, they make the fake tablet. Trunks realizes that it was a good thing he had found Baby. Or else, there is no idea of what Baby might do, since Myuu was such a genuis. Myuu yells for his baby not to die. He yells and smashes his hands on the control panel. Pan starts to feel bad for Myuu, and Gokou says it probably would have been great fun if he could fight Baby. Gokou walks over to the glass container and inspects the monster. Then, Baby wakes up. Gill yells "Danger!" and Myuu coos his baby. The neo-machine mutant powers up and becomes fully formed. Trunks is confused as to how Baby is still alive. Myuu laughs, and Baby blows up his dome. Myuu tells Baby to kill all the saiyajin. Baby powers up some more, and floats in the air. The three saiyajin fire energy balls at Baby all at once, and blow it up. Myuu presses a button on his chest, and the remains of Baby are sucked into a ship. Myuu walks in, showing that he's a robot, and flies off. Trunks says that now that Baby is dead, Myuu is of no threat. Pan asks how they're going to fix their ship, and Gill sasy he can fix it. In his ship, Myuu vows to destroy all saiyajin. He puts Baby's pieces in a container nside his body. Baby regenerates himself and expands, killing Myuu. Baby finds a 1star ball and keeps it, and heads for M2. Chapter 23--A Hidden Crisis!? A Spacewrecked and Mysterious Boy! Gill fires a rocket at the ship, breaking the liquid metal barrier. Gokou, Pan, and Trunks figure that Gill isn't bad, ad they go in and prepare for launch. But, Hyper Mega Rirudo is still alive and grabs a leg of their ship. He says he won't let them escape. Trunks tells Rirudo what they did to Myuu, and he gets more angry. Gokou says he really doesn't enjoy fighting Rirudo, so all 3 of them blast Rirudo apart. On the ground Baby curses those 3 saiyajin for wrecking his plan. Pan tells Gokou to help her find the next Dragonball. Gokou says he's starving, so he has no strength. Trunks says that he's located the next ball. It's in a spacewrecked cruiser on a small star. Gokou hopes to find food on the ship. Gill says that the star's gravity is very heavy. The three get in protective suits and ride scooters to the ship. Inside there is no damage and no sign of life. Gill says that the ball is behind a door. The ball is mounted in a pillar in a small room. Pan takes it, and Trunks says that this is too easy. Pan tells him who cares, but then she feels someone's Ki. Gill says they have 5 minutes to leave the ship before the ship explodes. Pan goes to check out what she senses. Trunks and Gokou get to the scooters and Gill says there is 2 minutes left before the ship is entirley destroyed. Pan is walking in a corridor, and she is attacked by a egglike robot with bird legs. It fires missles at her, and Trunks and Gokou appears jsut in time to nullify them. Pan quickly trashes the robot, and Gill says the ship is starting to cave in. They find a white-faced green haired boy in a room, and they take him to their scooters. The scooters can't start up in time, so the group abandons them and flies out. The alien boy is strapped to Trunks's back. Gill fires a cable that attaches to the capsule corp ship. They all get attached to the cable, and Gokou uses a Kamehameha to propel them to the ship. They put the boy on a medical bed. It is barely alive. Gill checks radar, and finds that there is a nearby hospital on the planet Pitaru. Gokou says that that planet MUST have food. It's a planet like earth, and the hospital takes up most of the area. They take the boy in, and he is wheeled into the ER. They wait a long time, and a doc comes out and says that the boy is OK. They can't find Gokou. He is hiding under the couch, and says he is scared of hospitals and wants to leave. In the ER, the equipment starts to malfunction and the boy wakes up. He looks angry, and the hospital suffers a large explosion. A fire starts in a corridor. A nurse says the blast came from the boy's room. Chapter 24--Baby's Counterattack!! Target the Saiyajin! The hospital staff goes to put out the fire, and Pan asks if the boy is alright. Another explosion occurs, and Gokou rescues the nurse and boy. They are taken to another room, and Gokou goes off to hide again. Gokou is halfway up a tree outside and he refuses to come in and eat. Gokou's hunger is not enough to pull him into the "torture chamber". The alien boy watches from a window. Baby has taken over the boy's body, and Baby is eager to take the power of the 3 saiyajin. The team goes to rest, and the boy comes out and joins them. Pan turns her back on the boy to pet a deer, and he goes to grab her neck. Then, Gokou and Trunks arrive with some fish, and the nurse tells the boy he needs to come back inside. She puts him in a wheelchair and takes him back. The surgeon tells the boy he is not strong enough to be outside, and Baby's particles enter the doctor. The "doctor" tells the nurse to take the boy back to the hospital. The team has eaten all the fish, amd Pan is homesick. Gokou is still hungry. A doctor tells them to come in and eat, and Gokou says if that happens they'll get shots and die. THe doctor says that won't happen, and Gokou reluctantly goes in. Gokou has had 24 plates of food, and asks for refills. The doctor asks Trunks if he wants a tour of the hospital. Trunks says that he never saw a hospital on earth, so he says OK. Trunks and the doctor reach an isolated lab. Trunks checks out the equipment, and then Baby grabs Trunks by the throat. He says his mission is to destroy all the saiyajin, and absorbing them will make his complete. Trunks asks about the shipwreck, and Baby replies that he abosorbed everyone. Baby goes to absorb Trunks, when Gokou smashes Baby with a Ki blast. Trunks says that they sensed Baby on the shipwreck, and entered the trap to see what would happen. Pan wonders why Baby had the #1 ball. Baby says that from the data he gathered from Myuu, it could be used as bait. Baby attacks Pan, but Gokou blows him up again. The three begin to blast him all at once, when Baby powers up and slashes open Trunks's shoulder. The particles gather, and enter Trunks. Baby laughs, and Trunks/Baby (Traby) attacks Gokou in the face. Gokou goes to fight back, and Pan reminds him that Trunks might get killed. Traby attacks again, and then Traby goes wild. Trunks is fighting for control of the body. Traby goes SSJ, and Trunks yells "I AM TRUNKS" and shoots Baby's particles out from the wound. Trunks has lost his energy, and falls down. Baby does a Solar Flare, and escapes from the room. Later, people are boarding a space cruiser to leave and Baby's particles fly into the ship. The three return to their ship, and Pan asks if Gill can do the same thing that Baby can. Trunks and Pan decide to go after Baby, wherever he is. We then find out that the space liner is heading to Earth. Chapter 25--Oh No!! Baby Has Appeared On Earth! Chi-Chi is embarrased at the fact that Goten took advantage of the Sons' visit to Buruma to talk to his girlfriend on a cell phone. Vegita shaves off his moustache, and Goten sets up a date with Paris-Chan in Satan City. Buruma sees Vegita, and says he looks better without the moustache. This embarrases him, and Chi-Chi says she never saw him with it. Buruma says that long ago he grew it and Buruma consantly told him to stop. They then wonder about the three voyagers. Buruma says there is no problem with Gokou around. Chi-Chi and Vegita agree. Gokou finds the next Dragonball, and disturbs a big cat monster. It chases Gokou up the side of the cliff, then falls down when it realizes it can't fly. They now only need 2 more balls. On earth, a blond bodybuilder asks some robbers where the saiyajin are. No one knows so the man blows up a bank. A little bit away, Goten gives Paris-chan an ice cream cone. She thinks she needs a spoon to eat it, but Goten shows her what to do. She thinks the explosion is fireworks, and Goten says it's nothing. He keeps staring at her and she looks at him with a confused expression. The blond guy keeps blowing stuff up, when Mr Satan (nearly bald) comes out and yells at for disrupting the city. Mr Satan screws up a few times and tries to cover it, and then the blond asks Mr Satan if he is a saiyajin. Mr Satan says no, and the blond gets ready to blow Mr Satan up. Mr Satan avoids it, but now there is a big hole in the street. Paris-chan finishes her ice cream, and Goten looks for something else to buy her, trying not to care about what's going on. Goten goes over, and Mr Satan says he'll give his "student" a chance to demonstrate what Satan Training is all about. Goten wants the police to handle this, since Goten is in the middle of a date. Paris-chan is talking to the blond guy, and Goten just manages to save her from his attack. She is impressed with Goten's strength and Goten wonders why he would know about the saiyajin. Two people in the crowd go to attack Goten, but Goten defeats them easily, managing to keep Paris-chan safe. The police show up, and Mr Satan takes the credit of "saving the young boy and his date". Then, a guy in the crowd is possesed. Then, the man collapses and Baby shows himself. He has been collecting people's energy, and now looks like a silver-skinned teen with blue eyeballs. Baby says Goten's Ki feels just like Gokou's. Paris-chan faints, and is caught by Mr Satan. Goten asks who Baby is, amd the mutant laughs and realizes that the punk is Gokou's son. Baby says he wants Goten's power, and Goten tells Mr Satan to take Paris-chan to a safer place. Mr Satan glady listens to him. Goten asks if Baby is strong, and Baby powers up a bit. Mr Satan runs faster. Goten is angry at the damage that Baby is causing to the city. Chapter 26--Gohan and Goten... The Worst Brotherly Spar?! Goten says that Baby's abilities are not bad, and he is intterupted when his cell phone rings. Baby attacks, and Goten throws the phone up in the air, bashes Baby, and catches it behind his back. Baby wants the "Saiya Power" and Mr Satan encourages his "student". Baby falls in a ditch, then surprises Goten by firing a blade cutter, and slices open Goten's biceps. Goten tells Paris-chan he's alright, and hangs up. He goes SSJ, and impresses Paris-chan. Goten thinks that he's going to win, and Baby asks if that is the best saiyajin can do. Goten fires off a Kamehameha, and Baby flies through the Kamehameha and smashes into Goten's wound. Goten/Baby (Bayten) powers up, and Mr Satan is happy that "Goten" beat Baby. Paris-chan bandanges Goten's arm, and says that they can continue their date now. Baby couldn't read Trunks's mind, but he can look through Goten's and finds out that the strongest sayajin is Vegita. Mr Satan goes over to Goten, but hes' pushed away and Goten flies off. Paris-chan is happy that her boyfriend is healed. Mr Satan knows something is up, and is amazed at the girl's naivete. Baby thinks that with Vegita's power he can take over the saiyajin. On another planet, the four heroes see the ball in the bottom of a lake. A lake with a huge dinosaur. Gokou crawls under it and Pan tells it to spit the ball out of its mouth. Then, Gokou is inside the monster, and he finds the ball. He pushes his way out of the monster's stomach, and the dinosaur deflates to 4 feet tall. They have the last ball. On the ship, they celebrate and Pan is dancing in a mexican outfit and recording it on a tape called "Pan's Diary". Gokou and Trunks say they never have to see Baby again and that they have all the balls. Then, they see that they are missing the #2 ball. Piccolo is meditating by a giant waterfall. He senses an evil, strong power and becomes alert. Chi-Chi is staring at some clocks, and wondering why Goten hasn't called her back. Buruma says he's on a date, and probably having a good time. She expects them to come to the door any minute now. Then, Buruma gets a call and is told there are people at the front door. She goes to tell Chi-Chi, but Chi-Chi has dissapeared. Chi-Chi runs to the door, saying, "Goten....Goten..." but the guests are Gohan and Videl. Gohan says that Mr Satan told them that Goten was in a fight, and Chi-Chi goes nuts. Gohan says they are going to stay here for a while, and asks where to put his luggage. Chi-Chi is mad, and then Goten enters the room. She hugs him, but he pushes her away and asks where Vegita is. Chi-Chi slaps Goten for not saying "Vegita-san", and Baby thinks about killing all these earth trash. Goten shouts where Vegita-san is, and Buruma says he left a while ago. Baby gets really mad. Gohan returns, and Baby thinks Gohan is stronger. He sucker punches Gohan, and Chi-Chi says that if they are going to fight then go outside. Out in the wilds, Gohan says that he knows that this isn't Goten. Baby answers "affirmative", and powers up. Bayten fires, and Gohan is unhurt. They fight a little, and Gohan doesn't want to hurt his bro to reach the enemy inside. Baby tells Gohan to show his true power, and Bayten creates earthquakes. Gohan is forced to go SSJ, and then Baby switches bodies. Then, Piccolo fires a Makkankousappo right by Bayhan, and Piccolo grabs Goten's body. He asks whatever has entered Gohan's body to come fight him. Bayhan laughs that the namek is weak, and Bayhan fires a Chou Kamehameha. Baby thinks Piccolo is out, and goes to find Vegita. Chapter 27--Ambition Achieved!? Vegita Possesed! Vegita and Bra are out driving, and Bra asks what he dad bought from the store. he doesn't answer, but we see it's a shaving kit with Akira Torimaya shaving on the cover. Then, two losers tells Bra to dump the date with the "old man" and come with them. Vegita rips off their steering wheel and sends them over a cliff. At Capsule Corp, Buruma and Videl are staring at the sick Gohan on the couch. Bayhan senses Vegita and gets up to leave the room, when Videl goes over to him. He lets loose a spark that destroys some lamps, and tells Videl to shut up. Bayhan steps on Gohan's glasses, saying he's found Vegita. On the ship, Gokou sneezes, and says it's very cold. Gill says that the last ball is on a frozen planet, and that Gokou is missing a coat. (the planet is called "Reito") He sneezes on Trunks and he tells him to wipe his nose. Bayhan is flying over a desert, and laughs that he will soon have Vegita's power. Vegita panics and brakes in the car. He sees Bayhan on a windmill. Bayhan blows the car up, and Vegita asks who it is. Bra thinks it's Gohan. Bra wants Gohan to pay for the damage. Bayhan sees that she is part-saiyajin. Vegita tells Bra to go home. Bayhan is asked again who he is. Bayhan laughs that Vegita has forgotten him. Vegita then thinks about the Trufurujin. Bayhan laughs and attacks. At CC, Goten recovers and asks where Paris-chan is. He asks for water, and then says he must go outside. Chi-Chi tells him to stay and rest but he pushes her away and flies off. Vegita laughs that the Tsufurujin are lousy fighters, and Bayhan smashes Vegita up. Bayhan says he likes this saiyajin's power, and Vegita says he won't be defeated by a tsufuru-jin. They fire massive energy blasts, and Bayhan is pleased that Vegita is stronger. Goten arrives, and tells Vegita to stay out of the way. He asks if Gohan is really Gohan, and Gohan replies "of course". Goten fires an energy blast at Vegita' back, and asks him who's he here to rescue. Bayhan laughs. Vegita goes SSJ2, and Bayhan laughs. Vegita does an Inner Bomb and blows the two away. But, Baby has adbandoned his two prisoners and yells revenge for the Tsufurujin. We see a flashback of Planet Plant, and how it was a peaceful place, until saiyajin capsules rained on it. Under the Full Moon, Oozaru took over the planet and killed all the Tsufurujin. The remaining survivor put his soul into a seed and it was fired into space, where it was found by Dr Myuu. Vegita asks what this has to do with Goten, and Baby says that when he enters something he leaves an "egg" in the victim. Baby can still control the host after he has switched. Baby gets inside of Vegita, and Bajita laughs that he will have control of earth. Now, the only person worth fighting is Kakarotto. On the ice planet Gokou finds the #2 ball. They get back on the ship, and fly back to earth. Chapter 28--Gokou Returns...."All Of Earth Is My Enemy?!" The CC ship lands, and Gokou and Pan cheer. Pan takes all the credit for finding the balls and Gill. Gokou wants to stop at Kami's Lookout, and they go there. Gokou wants some of Mr Popo's cooking, and Pan hands over the balls. Pan wants to restore Gokou, but Dende thinks they should save earth. Pan hands the balls to Mr Popo, and they head home. Dende grins evilly about giving the balls to "Baby-sama". An angry mob is outside Mr Satan's house, and Mr Satan is hid inside a cocoon in side Mr Buu. Mr Buu tries blowing the mob away. Mr Satan sees the "Tsufurujin egg" in another cocoon inside Buu. Buu quickly spits it out, and Mr Satan is popped out as well to chase away the mob. They just get madder, and Mr Buu flies off with Mr Satan. Gokou and Pan sit down at Gokou's house, but they aren't allowed to eat. Chi-Chi and Videl pay no attention to them and wash dishes that are already clean. At CC, Trunks and Gill see an empty garage, and are getting a rude treatment from Vegita AND Buruma. Then, Gill yells "Danger, danger!" Vegita tells his son to come inside, and Buruma tells Vegita that Trunks is a bad boy and needs to be punished. Baby reveals himself, and Gill fires rockets at him. Bagita calls Gill a traitor and destorys the rockets. He blows Gill into a wall, and Gill's exo-skeleton is damaged. Bagita laughs that Trunks also has an egg in him.Bagita activates him. Gohan and Goten arrive at Gokou's house, and say all the food is for them. Gohan refers to Gokou as "saiyajin". Chi-Chi tells Gohan and Goten to kill the bad people. Pan thinks she has done something bad and passes out. Gokou is mad, and asks who the people are. Goten says "I am Goten Son". Gokou says he is an earthling, not a saiyajin. Goten and Gohan continue to beat up their dad. Mr Satan yells for Gokou to stop. He tells Gokou that Baby has taken over the saiyajins, amd the rest of the earth population. Then, Bagita appears and asks Gokou what he will do now. Chapter 29--This Is Really Bad!! Super Saiyajin 3 Fails! Bagita goes on about all of earth being controlled by the Tsufurujin. Bagita is fed up with Mr Buu, and decides to kill him. Mr Buu rescues Mr Satan and flies off. Mr Buu uses magic to turn Pan and Mr Satan to cookies, and he eats them. (To keep them safe) Gohan goes to shoot Buu, but Bagita stops him and says that the real target is Gokou. Bagita and Gokou face off, and Bagita looks stronger. Then, Trunks and Bra appear. Gokou warns Trunks of what's going onn, but Trunks and Bra are already possesed. Gokou realizes that God (Dende) has been possesed and that all of earth is his enemy. Gohan, Goten, Trunks, and Bra go to fight Gokou, but Bagita tells them to sit and watch. Bagita powers up and Gokou goes SSJ3. They fight, and Bagita is showing no signs of pain. Gokou tries a Kamehameha, but then he loses SSJ3. Gokou says that his small body can't take SSJ3. Then Bagita throws a killing blast. Gokou says stop, he wants to go head to head. Bagita says ok, and then starts pounding Gokou. Gokou laughs, and says that Bagita is rather strong. Bagita tells the other 4 saiyajin to give him their power. They link hands and the skies become red. Bagita turns to Super Baby. Vegita's body is absorbed into the uniform. Gokou laughs that he won't lose to Baby. Super Baby pounds him some more, and demands power from all his slaves. Super Baby bulks up to his max, and laughs. He uses all his energy to make the "Tsufurujin Black Revenge" and throws the Death Ball at Gokou. It misses, and sinks into the earth. It makes a dark red mushroom cloud. Perfect Super Baby laughs that he has revenge, and Mr Buu can't sense Gokou's Ki. PSB plans to repopulate earth with Tsufurujin. Chapter 30--Gokou Has Passed On!? "I'm Dead"! Mr Buu spits Mr Satan out, and Pan is crying that Gokou died. Baby flies up to Dende, and Dende gives him the Dragonballs. Buu summons Shenlong, and wishes for a planet next to earth be made, just like Plant used to be. Plant is created, and Shenlong goes away. Pan is scared, for the earth will blow up when one year is over, and Mr Satan tells Pan that they are still alive and should be cheerful. Gokou hears her crying, and he wakes up. Then, a dwarf named Suguro appears and hassles "The runt". Gokou isn't dead yet, but the dwarf was sent to determine if he is going to STAY mortal. They take turns throwing dice on a 3D board. Suguro laughs and cheats to make the die hit on his squares, while Gokou hits the bad ones. The bad squares make Gokou answer questions he doesn't understand. The wrong answer is death, but Gokou avoids the traps. Then, we find out that Kaiobin tried to save Gokou earlier from the ball, but dropped Gokou in the transport. Kaiobin asks Dai Kaioshin for help, and he yells at Kaiobin for interferring with his fishing. On earth, Baby and his minions are gathered at CC. Pan sees Trunks and yells to him, but Mr Satan covers her mouth and says that Trunks is also controlled. Gokou has to go through many different games. #1--Gokou has to return to START. #2--He has to answer stranger questions. ("What color is an orange?") #3--He is chased by onions and a giant hypodermic needle held by a virtual Chi-Chi. #4--He has to hop on islands over a lava pit. Time is running out, and Baby is planning to take everyone to Planet Plant. Chapter 31--What The...?! The Sky of Suguro Studio Is Collapsing! Gokou has to roll the dice again, and they fall into the lava. it stops right above the rocks and flies back up to Gokou. Gokou goes to toss the dice into the lava agian, when it yells "STOP" and turns into a green racoon. It runs to Suguro, and Suguro yells at it to turn back into dice. Suguro turns into a larger green racoon, and the game board pieces start chanting "FAKE". Then, the cieling starts to cave in. Gokou rescues the raccoons, and heads for the goal. Suguro asks why the boy is rescuing the two "Space Tanuki". Gokou doesn't care and jumps to the goal. They fall, but Gokou catches them. Kaiobin can sense Gokou's Ki again, and teleports Gokou to Dai's planet. Kaiobin says that Gokou has changed a lot. Mr Satan and Mr Buu watch as the earthlings board the Tsufurujin ship. Pan sees Gill's short-circuiting body, and puts it in her pack. Pan says they are going to rescue the people. Mr Satan says it's impossible. On the Kaio planet, Kaiobin looks in his crystal ball telling Gokou what's happening. Gokou is shocked to hear that Dende is possesed by Baby, and demands to go to earth and fight. Dai says he's too weak now, not being able to go SSJ3. Gokou gets mad and Kaiobin says he'll train the boy. Mr Buu slips into the line, and a possesed Kulilin doesnt' recognoize him and shoves him. Buruma is ahead, and says to be "affirmative". Mr Buu is the final one to go into the ship. Kulilin says he wants to go on too, but the ship flies off. #18 says Kulilin is really being a "kulilin". (I don't know what that means, maybe chestnut) Gokou's training is first turning into a coffee grinder with an arm. He starts grinding some coffee, and Dai yells at him to go faster. The CC ship lands on Plant, and the slaves cheer for Baby. Mr Buu slips away, and spits Mr Satan and Pan back out. Pan says she has medicine that will let the egg leave the person's body. She gives a vial to Mr Buu and her grandfather, and then Pan is spotted. Pan throws pills at the Tsufurujin and then Videl flies and kicks Pan. Pan gives Videl a pill, and is slapped away. Pan's parents say she is a bad girl for not taking a Tsufurjin egg. Baby floats down, and says Pan should be killed. Gokou asks how much more coffee needs to be ground, but Dai just sits and reads manga. Gokou sees that Pan is about to die, and he wants to rescue her. Gohan takes her daughter by the throat and prepares to kill her. Then, Gohan is blown into a mountain and Uubu appears. Chapter 32--Gokou Returns!! Angry Fighter Uubu! Baby recognizes Uubu as another person that missed the egg treatment. He asks Pan if Gokou is dead, for he doesn't feel his Ki. Baby laughs that he killed Gokou, and Uubu is mad. Gokou had helped Uubu out so much over the years. Uubu flies up to get revenge on Gokou's death. The humans that ate Pan's pills are groaning, and Baby fights Uubu. They wreck a few buildings, and Uubu finally smashes Baby into a wall. Baby yells that he is Perfect Super Baby, and won't be killed. Then, Gohan, Goten, and Trunks rush in to guard Baby. Baby is mad that they think he can't beat Uubu, and he blasts the three into the sky. On the Kaio planet. Gokou is watching this, and Dai is drinking some of Gokou's fresh coffee. He complains about the bad taste, and asks Gokou if he wants to go through a very powerful yet painful power-up method. Gokou says OK, and Dai tells Gokou to drop his pants. Dai turns to Gokou's back, and shows him that his tail is growing back. Dai asks Kaiobin for some pliers, but Kaiobin doesn't have any. Suguro says he'll help, and Kudaragi (Suguro's son) turns into a large pair of pincers. Gokou is scared that his tail is going to be pulled, and Dai smiles. Baby compliments Uubu on his strength, andd Baby powers up even more. Uubu is hit with a Ki Blast, and falls to Pan. Pan is mad that Baby is so evil, and she attacks. Pan is beaten up, and Mr Buu saves her and brings her back to Mr Satan. Baby then preps a Revenge Death Ball to throw at Uubu. Mr Buu tells everyone to run, Baby is collecting energy for a large attack. Mr Buu carries Mr Satan and the rest to the city, and says he loves the Satans. He flies off to save Uubu. Baby launches the Death Ball, and Buu arrives just in time. He inhales the ball, and explodes. Baby laughs that two people died, and he goes to his control tower. Uubu is still barely alive, and Mr Buu tells him he knew him a long time ago. Mr Buu tells him the story of Uubu's timeline. They merge, and Buu buffs up and his power is restored. He laughs that he can defeat Baby now. On the Kaio planet, Gokou is complaining that it hurts, and two inches of Gokou's tail is currently pulled. Baby is cheering with his people, then he senses Buu's approach. Baby laughs that Buu has no chance. Chapter 33--Eat This, Baby!! New Buu's Killing Light Ray! Gokou is still in pan, and he asks what is on the crystal ball. He sees the strong Buu, and tells the guys to pulls his tail out faster. They do so. Buu bulks up, and Baby laughs. But, Buu's new powers are strong and he pounds Baby into the ground. Buu tries to turn Baby to chocolate, but he misses and a bunch of people are instead. Buu launches a tornado at Baby, and they both fire Ki Blasts at each other. Gokou says he has a better idea that will be faster. He ties Dai to a rock, and walks forward. Dai holds on to the pincers, and Gokou's tail emerges little by little. It reaches full legth, and Gokou goes flying. Kaiobin says they have succeded. Baby says he's done playing, and starts changing. Kaiobin teleports to Planet Plant with Gokou, and then Buu's shot is thrown back to him and he is turn to chocolate. Baby eats him, and Gokou appears a minute too late. Gokou wiggles his tail and says he can beat Baby now. Gokou goes SSJ3, and Gokou isn't doing much damag.e Gokou is then grabbed buy his tail and slammed around. Gokou asks Dai what's wrong. Dai and Kaiobin ponder over why Gokou isn't winning. Gokou stares at earth, and is mad that he doesn't have the power to save his family and friends. Then. his tail twitches, and the light from earth changes Gokou into a SSJ Oozaru, or Golden Oozaru. Chaper 34--The Transformation Fails!? Giant Ape Gokou's rampage! Gokou rampages around, and Baby remembers that this is how the saiyajin won last time. He refuses to have the same defeat, and he tries a Revenge Death Ball. Gokou teleports behind him, and bashes the crap out of him. Pan feels a Ki, she thinks it's her father's, and flies to the battlefield. Baby wakes up, angry at Gokou. Gokou then proceeds to destroy buildings with Baby's body. Pan wonders why Gokou turned into a monkey. Mr Satan says that that is just a monkey blowing stuff up. Chi-Chi, Buruma, and Videl are underground, complaining about all the noise. On the Kaio planet, Kaiobin and and Dai see whats' happening, and Dai brags about being right all along. But, then they realize that Gokou has no control while in Golden Oozaru. They thinks Gokou should be reaching some kind of "SSJ4" mode. Pan tries to stop Gokou, but he blows her up. Gokou creates a volcano, and pounds his chest. Suguro asks his son to turn back into some clippers so that Dai can teleport back in and snip off Gokou's tail. Dai yells no, they should wait until Gokou beats Baby. Gokou pounds his chest some more, and tries to climb a mountain to reach earth. Pan and Mr Satan follow him. Baby decides to use Vegita to fight Gokou. Pan says that Gokou misses earth. Gokou doesn't recognize her, and he smashes her. Pan's gi falls out of her pack, and she shows Gokou what he had made for her. A photo falls out of the gi, a picture of the Son family at te beach. She starts to cry, and Gokou looks at her. He pushes her out of the way of the view of earth, and he starts transforming--into a black-haired man with muscles, covered in red fur. Lighting strikes all around him. Baby is scared at the level of the mans' Ki. Chapter 35--Final Strength!! Gokou Becomes Super Saiyajin 4! Pan shouts over the new change, and Dai laughs at how smart he is. Goko senses Baby's Ki, and flies off. Bagita is trying to figure out why he can't turn into an Oozaru. Buruma tells him he's missing his tail. Then, Gokou bursts in, and they fight. Gokou lets himself get beat, and says that Baby is weak. Bagita creates his biggest Revenge Death Ball, and Gokou stands still. The ball explodes into the ground, and Dai panics that Gokou has lost. Bagita is in awe when he sees Gokou standing still in the middle of the crater. Gokou tells Bagita he can't win. Gokou beats up Bagita, and Buruma is afraid he's going to lose. Bagita reminds Gokou that Vegita will die too. Gokou laughs that death is temporary on earth. Buruma says she is going to help her "master", and magnifies earth's light to turn Bagita into a Golden Oozaru, even without a tail. Baby trashes the planet, and beats Gokou up. Gokou can't believe the power, and that this might mean a SSJ4Bagita. Buruma cheers for Bagita. Chapter 36--Immortal Monster!? Atrocious Giant Monkey Baby! Baby burns up his city. Buruma tries to tell him to stop. Mr Satan is trying to climb to safety, but falls. Baby finds Mr Satan and Pan, and Pan carries her grandfather out of the way. Gokou flies over to Pan, and tells her that Baby has the brain of a monkey now. He talks to the Kaios and says he is going to try and teleport Baby to the Kaio planet. Gokou goes and tries, but Baby crushes him in the middle of it. Baby says he was just destroying the planet for fun.Vegita had turned Oozaru, but Baby is still in control. They fight more. Baby gets hurt, and uses Vegita's finger blast to explode the city. Bagita decides to kill Videl and Chi-Chi, but Gokou saves them just in time. Marron is out shopping on earth, making Kulilin carry her packages. The blast hits Baby city, and Baby laughs. Gokou announces his X10 Kamehameha, and fires it, and apologizes to Vegita. Baby is hit, but declares he is immortal. Baby its Gokou with a "Super Jaikou", and Gokou is banged up. Baby blows up the city to ruins, and much of Planet Plant is vaporized. Chapter 37--Souzetsu*!! Baby and Gokou--Double KO!! *I could not translate that Kanji to perfect english. Gokou is hurting, Bagita is starting to hurt from some side effects of the X10 Kamehameha, and they bash each other until they are both KOed. Dai and Kaiobin teleport to Karin Tower, to get the Chouseii water, to feed it to the saiyajin kids. Kaiobin says that Chouseii also cleanses evil. Dai says it's in Dende's palace. They teleport to the island, and evade Mr Popo. They enter a room filled with MANY jars of water. They can't find the right one, and are trapped in by Dende and Mr Popo. Then, Kaiobin starts throwing jars of water at the two slaves, and then the real Chouseii hits Mr Popo and Dende and they are healed. Kaiobin takes the water, and teleports to Trunks. Dende and Mr Popo remember nothing of being possesed, and wonder what the Kaios are doing. Kaiobin feeds Trunks the water, and Trunks wakes up and is clueless as to what is going on. Buruma wakes up, (she's not purified) and aims her satellite at Bagita. The rays hit him, and he recovers. Soem of the rays hit Gokou also, and he is saved. Baby gets up and makes a shockwave, knocking the Chouseii bottle out of Kaiobin's hands. Gokou taunts Bagita, and Dai says that Gokou has drained all of his power, and will lose. Baby yells, and blasts SSJ4Gokou into a mountain. Baby stomps toward Gokou laughing, while Kaiobin feeds Gohan some Chouseii. Chapter 38--From Everyone's Power....Revival Of Super-Saiyajin 4!! Baby is at full power and Gokou is at 0. Baby is having fun digging Gokou an early grave. Pan wants to save her grandfather, but Mr Satan holds her back. Gokou predicts he'll die now, but Pan flies in between the two. She tries to tell Bagita to stop, and tries to tell everyone to help Gokou. It doesn't work. Gokou tries another Chou Kamehameha, but Bagita cancels it out and goes to stomp Pan. Bagita gets smashed in the head, and Trunks floats in the air. Bagita yells to him that he just smashed his father in the head. Trunks is punted, and is caught by Gohan and Goten. Gokou sees Kaiobin, and realizes his plan. Goten and Trunks want to fuse to Gotenks, but Gokou says it will be useless. Bagita prepares to eradicate them all. Gokou says that if he goes back to full power in SSJ4, he can not lose. Pan says that everyone should donate their energy. Bagita had listened to it all, and goes to atack. Gokou flies away, and uses a Solar Flare to buy time. Bagita falls in a pit, and Trunks, Gohan, and Goten power up. Bagita goes to shoot a Revenge Death Ball, but then his stomach starts hurting badly. He thinks back to the battle with Buu. He realizes Buu had LET himself get eaten, and now is causing Baby extreme stomach pains. Baby tries to tighten his stomach, and Buu yells for Gokou to go to full power. Trunks, Pan, Gohan, and Goten have Gokou surrounded, and give him their energy. Baby squeezes his stomach harder, and Baby spits Buu out. Bagita usues his "Super Jankyuu 4" and fires it. The 4 sayajin keep giving Gokou power, and then the blast hits them. Bagita laughs that he's killed all the 5 saiyajin, and Goten, Trunks, and Goten's bodies are scattered across the crater. Mr Satan realizes his daughter was vaporized. Then, we see SSJ4Gokou in the sky at full power, holding Pan in his arms. Gokou asks Bagita what he's going to do now, and Bagita curses him. Gokou blasts Bagita, and Goku laughs. Chapter 39--This Is How It Ends!! At Last, Baby's Extinction! The two fighters really beat each other up, and Goten and Gohan see that Gokou has taken some damage. On the Kaio planet, Dai watches it on the crystal ball and Kaiobin teleports in. Baby laughs, and Gokou is amazed that Baby tired so quickly. Baby fires a Revenge Death Ball, and misses. Gokou makes fun of him, and Bagita fires a bunch of cutter blades. Gokou evades them too. Then, a volcano erupts, and Gokou loses Baby in the steam. Bagita makes a gigantic Revenge Death Ball, and fires it with his last bit of strength. The ball hits Gokou from behind, and Gokou is smashed into a cliff. Gokou sees his children watching him, and uses that to concentrate. he absorbs the Revenge Death Ball into a tornado. Gokou tells Baby that evil doesnt' win, and he powers up a X10 Kamehameha. Bagita is hit with it hard, and goes flying into Gohan and the others' hideout. Pan asks if the monkey is dead, Gohan says he can still hear a heartbeat. They are reminded that if Baby dies, so will Vegita. Trunks says they can bring him back with the Dragonballs. Gokou fires a blast at Baby, and Baby's tail is blown off. he says he doesn't need Vegita's body anymore, and oozes out. Baby takes on his original form, and Trunks and Gokou go get Vegita. Baby flies to Buruma, who is waiting with a CC ship. Baby blows her away, and flies off in the ship. Gokou sees this, and fires a Chou Kamehameha X10. Baby sees it coming, and the ship is eradicated and Baby is slammed onto the sun. Gokou can't feel Baby's Ki anymore, and cheers with everyone else. Later, at Kami's Lookout. Gokou is a child once more, since he has reverted from SSJ4. Gokou says he can go SSJ4 whenever he wants now. Kaiobin takes the Chouseii water, and pours it over earth as a rain. Eventually everyone is purified and reunited, but then the earth starts to break up. Gokou says that this is impossible, since he brought back the Dragonballs within a year. Dende falls to his knees, and apologizes to Gokou for giving the balls to Baby. Pan says that even if they do get the balls again, they'll be too late. Chapter 40--Earth Explodes!! Piccolo's Serious Determination! Dende's Dragonballs can't be used for the next 2 weeks. The Z warriors stand hopeless and watch the earth fall apart. Gokou, Vegita, Pan, Trunks, and Mr Satan try to get in the CC ship to go track down the balls. Buruma, Gohan, and Videl ask them where they're going, and they say that the earth is going to self-destruct any minute now. Vegita suggests relocating on Plant, but then Mr Satan says he can try and convince the earth people. He says to the earthlings, on a loudspeaker, that the world is going to explode soon, and they don't believe him until a piece flies off. Mr Satan says there are people wearing "Mr Satan Buttons" which will bring the people to Plant. Gokou goes SSJ4, and whole stadiums of people are teleported by Gokou and Kaiobin. We see EVERYONE that ever appeared in the DB trilogy, Pilaf, Tienshinhan, Chaio-zu, King Gurumez, the dog that was King when Piccolo Daimao was about, and even Namu. A group of kids want to stay and plauy video games and watch bad movies, but Vegita goes in a KOs them. Earth is soon desolate, and now the Z Team is trying to get the animals out. Some dinosaurs won't fit in the ships, so Gokou has to teleport them one by one. A news crew wants to stick around till the end, but the cameramen pile onto the ships so the announcers follow. Gokou sees a hermit, and teleports him quickly. (Gokou slips and trips a few times, reminding you of what a goof Gokou is deep down inside) A farm couple save their animals, then realize they forgot their son and dog. The boy and the dog fall down a newly-made pit, but they are saved by Piccolo. Gokou goes to teleport them, but then SSJ4 wears off, and Gokou goes back to Chibi. Piccolo says "Son, (I love the way he calls Gokou "son") you are Son Gokou. No matter what you are, there is nothing you cannot do." he then gives Gokou the ablility to teleport. Gokou teleports them to the CC ship, and as the ship lands on Plant he remembers that Piccolo is still on earth. Piccolo contacts Gohan, and says that Gohan has grown up to be a very fine strong man, and that Piccolo will die when the earth is gone, so that the Black Star Dragonballs will never be used again. The earth blows up and Piccolo is gone. (NO!!!! WE HATE TOEI!!!!! NO!!!! NOT PICCOLO!!! AGH!) Later, the Namek Dragonballs are used to restore earth, and Trunks is back with his job of president of CC, Gill has been fixed and living with Pan, Gokou is still a child, and Piccolo is still dead. The earth Dragonballs are back to normal now. (Note:This was supposed to be the end of DBGT, but since this episode left so many plot holes in the story, then it was impossible to end it now.........) Chapter 41--Tenkaichi Budokai!! Who Will Be Satan's Successor!? It's the beginning of another Budokai, and Gokou is mad that he has to be in the kids' rounds. Mr Satan tells Gokou that there is a height requirement, and that Gokou is 1 cm too short. Kulilin and Gohan just think that Mr Satan is scared of Gokou. Gokou is mad that none of the kids are strong. Pan is vs a giant, and he steps on her. She gets mad, and blows him out of the ring. A masked fighter named "Papaya-man" beats his opponent easily too. Goten is still going out with Paris-chan, and she is surprised that people eat hamburgers with their fingers. Mr Satan comes on TV, and says that the winner of the Budokai will become leader of the city. Mr Satan is sad about Mr Buu being gone, and isn't in the mood to lead a city anymore. At CC, Trunks is at a meeting with snobby business men, and he is secretly listening to the radio. They hear Mr Satan's announcement, and Trunks slips out and hopes he can make it before the finals. Pan easily wins the next round, and the announcer asks her what she thinks of becoming Mr Satan's successor. She didn't think about that, and is shocked. Mr Satan is getting a massage, and he is convinced that Pan will win. A judge enters, and announces the adult finals. Kid Katsu, Super One Ebichiyu, and Papaya-man. Mr Satan wonders what happened to Pan. he is told that she forfieted the game. Vegita is stuck in a traffic jam on his way to the Budokai, and blows up the cars. He's mad that Gokou is in the budokai without him, and vows to defeat Kakarotto once and for all. Pan, Gohan, Videl, and Kulilin are watching in the stands, and Pan says she doesnt' want to be her granfather's replacement. The next round starts, and Vegita yells at Gokou for wasting time with the kids. The boy runs, and knocks Gokou around, and tickles Gokou. Gokou rolls out and is disqualified. Vegita is disgusted. Trunks arrives, and asks Gohan and Pan why they aren't fighting. He ends up sitting in the stands with them eating a lollipop. The last battle starts, and Papaya-man easily wins. Gokou yells to Buu, and Buu removes his costume. Mr Satan goes to face the final, and then Mr Satan recognizes Buu's face. He is told that Papaya-man is Buu, and Buu is happy to see Mr Satan again. Buu pummels Mr Satan, and he only uses pro wrestling moves. Then, Buu's spirit tells him that its' forbidden to beat Mr Satan. Mr Satan is earth's hero, and if he is defeated everyone will be dissapointed. Mr Satan recovers, and Buu lets himself get punted out of the ring. Mr Satan decides to remain the World Champion Martial Artist. Buu agrees with Pan that he doesnt' want to take Mr Satan's place. The Z team leaves the building, and Gokou says he had fun. Then, Vegita challenges Gokou to a showdown. Gokou agrees, and powers up, but then powers back down because he is hungry. Vegita growls and Gokou runs into a chinese resturant. (this seems like the last episode, but then the next week a DBGT special is aired which I have a summary of, and then a few weeks later DBGT picks up with a new storyline.) Chapter 42--Die, Gokou!! The Revived Strong Enemies Escape From Hell! Myuu is walking through an evil, firey place, and remembers being beat up by Pan. Someone calls out his name, and he sees Dr Gero. The doctors decide to work together to get revenge on Gokou. They shake hands. At Gokou's house, Buruma and Bra are invited for supper. They lose their appetites when Chi-Chi says how the meat came from strange beasts and monsters in the Puazuo mts. Pan thinks the food is great. The doorbell rings, and Pan goes to answer it. It's Trunks, and he's wounded, and falls onto Pan muttering "....#17.." The group goes outside to see a giant black hole in the sky. All around the world people can see the hole. Standing on a cliff, #17 laughs and is surronded by a black aura. Standing next to #17 is Dr Gero and Dr Myuu. Then, we see another #17 in Hell. These two robots are connected. #17 powers up, forcing the other to do so. Their energies meet, and the hole grows bigger. Goten is on a date with Paris-chan, and he protects her from the tornados #17 is creating. In his mansion, Mr Satan is packing suitcases and getting ready to flee. In Hell, all the killed demons are being dumped through the hole into earth. Dr Gero and Dr Myuu laugh hysterically. Dr Gero wants to fuse the two #17s together to create a Hell #17. Dr Gero says that the old #17 was flawed, and that if he can fuse them the flaws will be gone. Dr Myuu tells him they have to beat Gokou first. Dr Gero says that Gokou is too boring to waste time over. Trunks wakes up healed in bed, and Trunks tells them what happened. He was driving to Gokou's house, when #17 flew in front of them and blew up the car. #17 told him that the black hole leads to Hell. To stop this, #17 must be destroyed, since the linked #17s are causing the disruption. #17 then flew off to meet up with Dr Gero and Dr Myuu. (the flashback then ends) Gokou thinks about this,m and then a reporter shows up on TV showing all the already-killed baddies running around. Gokou goes to fly into Hell alone. In the city, Goten is protecting Paris-chan from Pui-Pui. Goten wins, and Paris-chan praises him. Then Yakun attacks, and Trunks arrives and trashes him. Goten and Trunks see #19 behind a building, and they waste him. Mr Satan is running from the RR Shoguns, and Pan saves him. Gokou reaches Hell, and sees Goz and Mez tied up. Dr Gero and Dr Myuu welcome the runt to the land of the dead. Gokou gets ready to fight them, but the two doctors say they are too busy to fight. The doctors fly through the gate, and #17 seals it. Gokou demands that they open it back up, and Dr Gero laughs that with #17 out, Gokou will never escape. Then, he sees Frieza and Cell still in the dead land. Gokou tells Cell and Frieza he's not the same since they last fought him. Chapter 43--Hell's Devil Fighters!! The Revival Of Frieza and Cell! Gokou is facing Frieza and Cell over a stone bridge. Frieza laughs that Gokou is too small, and Gokou says he is stronger than before. Goz and Mez run off to tell their boss, and Cell blows them up. Frieza and Cell power up, and Gokou isn't impressed. He powers up, and he destroys the bridge. On Earth, Saibamen cause trouble and Goten calls them cockroaches. Buu starts to blast away at the Saibamen, and Goten and Trunks join in. Pan is being chased by Rirudo as she carries her grandfather away.Rirudo fires a missle, but Gohan kicks it away and tells her daughter to take Mr Satan to safety. Frieza blasts Gokou, thinking he's killed him. Gokou dissapears, and Cell makes fun of Frieza. Gokou floats above them, and makes fun of them. Cell fires Piccolo's Makkankousappo, and Frieza uses a Destructo Disc. Gokou jumps over it, it bounces back, and Gokou rides it like a surfboard. He cuts some metal spikes, making a metal bo. Cell fires a Kamehameha, and Gokou deflects it with his bo, killing Cell with his own attack. Frieza shoots another Destructo Disc, and Gokou deflects it, giving Frieza the same death he suffered before. Gokou is mad that the fight is over already, then the two demons get up. They says that they are already dead, so they cannot die again. Nappa destroys some cities, and greets Vegita. Vegita kills Nappa a second time. Then, Dr Gero and Dr Myuu appear behind him with #17, and tell #17 to attack. Rirudo pounds Gohan into a wall, and turns Gohan's arm to metal. Gohan gets up, and they float over a damaged poster of Mr Satan. Frieza and Cell double team Gokou, and Cell uses Solar Flare. Then, he absorbs Gokou. Cell powers up, but then he loses all his power, and Gokou squirms out of his tail. he laughs that is was squishy in there. Frieza and Cell decide to use a new power they learned. They shout "Hell Buster" and Gokou is trapped in yellow energy rings. He is shot to down to the "Hell below Hell". He sees an old lady, and she asks Gokou if he wants a bath. The bathtub is actually a giant soup pot. Cell and Frieza watch the torture Gokou goes through. (Tickle board, Flaming Sauna)Then, Gokou is encased in ice. Vegita and #17 fight, and #17 yells to the old #17 to come so that they can be one. Kulilin, Marron, and #18 are in a traffic jam as everyone escapes from the city. #17 arrives, and Kulilin's family jsut escapes their car before it explodes. Old #17 calls out to #18, and says they should join forces to destroy the world. #18's eyes turn red and #17 puts her in a trance. Chapter 44--The Ultimate Andriod!! The Two #17s Unite! #18 walks with #17, and Kulilin tries to set her straight. #17 calls Dr Gero "Gerosamma", and the new #17 yells to the old #17 to hurry up so that they can become one. #17 gets mad at Kulilin for distracting #18, so he shoots Kulilin in the chest and kills him. #18 then remembers whats' going on, and snaps. She pounds #17 senseless. #17 laughs that #18 has become weak, and #18 tells Marron to run away. #18 is hit with an energy blast, and grabs Kulilin's hand and dies with him. In Hell, Cell and Frieza tease Gokou, since Gokou can't stand being cold. They get ready for another Hell Buster, to crack the iceberg. The ice starts to melt, and the old witch wonders whats' wrong. Her torture was designed for dead people, and Gokou isn't dead. Gokou explodes the ice, and he goes to fight the two baddies again. Cell laughs, since it's useless--they can't be beaten. Gokou laughs that he has another idea, and shoots the ice at the two. They solidify, and then Gokou cracks it to pieces. Rirudo beats Gohan, and turns Gohan's leg to metal. Then, he gets smashed in the head by Buu. Trunks, Goten, Mr Satan, Gill, and Pan come. Gohan thanks Buu, and Pan tells Gill to fix Gohan's limbs. Vegita heaves, and is angry that hes' wasting time on the andriod. He tells #17 to go full force. Dr Myuu and Dr Gero laugh, amd then the old #17 arrives. Goten and the others show up too. Dr Myuu and Dr Gero tell the Z team that when the two #17s become one, it will be the ultimate andriod of earth. They glow, and merge. They turn into a buffer Super #17. #17 smiles, and blows up Satan City. Buu asks where this power is coming from, and the doctors say it is from the Super #17. Vegita decides to not to play with the bot anymore, and punches. #17 catches it and tosses Vegita away. Buu bashes #17, but #17 takes no damage. Goten and Trunks kick at #17's back, but nothing hapens. Gohan launches a Chou Kamehameha, but #17 blocks it with no strain. Dr Gero laughs that now it's #17's turn. Easily #17 beats the saiyajins up. The saiyajins go SSJ, and #17 blasts at them, laughing. Gokou is watching the fight from a crystal ball in Hell, and is surprised with #17's power. He asks the gatekeeper to send him back to earth. Meanwhile, the Dragonballs are cracking. Piccolo yells out, and the gatekeeper sees Piccolo via the TV screen. Piccolo is having a fun time in heaven, and he demands to be sent to Hell. The gatekeeper says no one pure can be accepted, but Piccolo says that Gokou is there and he furisously blasts stuff up. He says he is the Demon King at heart. The gatekeeper shrugs, and Piccolo's halo dissapears. #17 is watching the Z fighters, and Vegita decides to use his new "Shine Attack". The beam hits #17, and gives off alot of light. #17 has just a small knick in him afterwards, and smashes up the team some more. Gokou says that the team doesn't have a chance in Hell, and the gatekeeper smacks him on the head for using stupid terms. Then, Piccolo shows up, and tells Gokou he knows how to get him home. Chapter 45--Hurry, Gokou!! The Plan To Escape From Hell! Gokou doesn't believe that Piccolo can bring him back, and Piccolo says it's an old Namek trick. He calls to Dendem and says that Kaiosamma told him that the two #17s made a bridge by linking their powers. He tells Dende they must "attack space" at the same time so that their powers are linked. They keep messing up, and the Dragonballs are cracking. Gokou is hungry, and asks some guards if they have food. Gokou's stomach grumbling throws off Piccolo's ears and he messes up. #17 trashes the Z team some more, and shoots Buu with a machine gun arm. #17 easily beats up Vegita. The gatekeeper is sadly letting all the bad guys into heaven, since Hell has been sealed up. Vegita goes SSJ and #17 still blasts him. Gokou cheers for Vegita, and the ogre brings Gokou a bowl of stew. Then, the #1 ball cracks. Gokou and Piccolo continue to try and open up the bridge, and Dende's palace is starting to crumble. Gokou says that instead of one two three, they should say Tendon Katsudon Oyakudon. (what they did with Ruudo) Piccolo comments on the ridiculous task, but they try it and make it. Gokou runs to the hole, and tells Piccolo to follow him. Piccolo says he is going to stay here, and wishes Gokou good luck. The Ginyu Team try to make it through, but Piccolo trashes them. #17 punches Vegita up, and Dr Gero tells #17 to finish off Vegita. Then, Pan sneaks behind Dr Gero and kicks him. She grabs Dr Gero by the neck and orders Dr Gero to tell #17 to power down. Dr Gero thinks she is just a child, but finds that she is stronger than him. Gill pokes a machine gun in Gero's ear. Dr Gero tells #17 not to fire at Vegita. #17 instead turns toward Dr Gero. Dr Gero asks Dr Myuu what is going on. Dr Myuu says that #17 only takes orders from Myuu now. Dr Gero is surprised and Dr Myuu says that he had used Machine Mutant technology instead of android. Pan and Gill flee, and #17 kills Dr Gero a second time. Dr Myuu says that with Gokou gone, there is no one to stand in their way. Vegita goes nuts, yelling that he is stronger than Gokou and will protect earth. Myuu tells #17 to kill Vegita, but then Gokou saves Vegita right in time. Vegita passes out. Dr Myuu asks Gokou how he escaped from Hell, and Gokou says he came back because the food tasted bad. Gokou goes SSJ and #17 attacks. Chapter 46--Crash!! SSJ4 VS Super #17! Gokou sees Pan hurt, and he goes SSJ. He goes up to #17 and punches him into the sky. #17 gets mad, and uses a Flash Bomber on Gokou. Gokou isn't hurt, and he punches #17 again. Dr Myuu laughs that #17 is perfect and can't lose. Gokou claims #17 isn't THAT perfect. Gokou does a Kamehameha, and #17 absorbs the energy. #17 smashes Gokou into the ocean. Dr Myuu yells for Gokou to come out, and he does, in SSJ4 mode. Dr Myuu is worried, he had programmed #17 to cope with Gokou, but he hadn't known about this. Videl is at home, and Chi-Chi is in a uniform with cleaning tools getting ready to "save Gokou". She yells at Buruma and Bra to help her, but Videl comes out in the Great Saiyaman costume and flies off. Gokou blasts at #17, and Dr Myuu laughs that it is just making #17 stronger. Gokou realizes this, and speeds underground. He tosses up earth pillars, and hides behind one of them. #17 is busy blocking the pillars, and then Gokou fires a Kamehameha X10. #17 barely absorbs it all, and looks rabid. #17 is now stronger than Gokou is speed and strength. Gokou is smashed into the ground like a pancake. #17 makes a giant black ball and prepares to shoot Gokou. Chapter 47--The Big Reversal!! Gokou and #18's 2-Step Attack Explosion! Bra and Buruma follow Chi-Chi and Videl in a cruiser. Buruma sees the destruction and wonders who is causing it, and sees a large blast erupt. dr Myuu laughs that Gokou has lost. #17 yells that he is using Dengeki Jigoku Dama, and fires it. Gokou yells that he won't lose, and teleports behind #17. Gokou grabs him, and now neither of them can kick or punch. Gokou creates an explosion, and when the smoke clears Gokou is back as a child. Myuu is afraid that #17 is dead. #17 had jumped into the ocean. He prepares another Jigoku Dama, and Gokou says that it's amazing that he's being beaten by someone so weak. Then, #18 wakes up. She says she wants revenge for her husband. She challenges her brother. This would trigger the bomb in both of them. Gokou says #18 is confused, since Kulilin removed the bombs long ago. (15 years at the most) #17 hadn't been at the tower, so he doesn't know about the wish. Dr Myuu wonders why #17 is hesitating to kill #18. #17 says he can't stand Myuu's mouth, and uses a Jigoku Dama on him, killing him. #17 preps another dama, but he can't bring him self to shoot. #18 is ok, and starts shooting at her brother. #17 absorbs them, and Gokou yells to #18 to stop. Gokou notices that #17 can't move when he is absorbing. Gokou yells for #18 to shoot harder. #17 goes, and Gokou uses a Dragon Fist. A golden dragon appears, and punches through #17. Gokou quickly fires off a Chou Kamehameha. #17 is blown apart. Vegita carries Trunks from the city, and sees that Gokou killed #17. #18 is still wondering why her bro killed Kulilin. Gokou says that the evil part of #17 came from Dr Myuu and Dr Gero. The real #17 was enough to stop him from shooting her again. Then, Videl and Chi-Chi appear, and Gokou says he;s already won when Chi-Chi gets her duster armed. Buruma and Bra arrive in the cruiser, and Buruma says they should wish the cities back. Pan recovers, and Trunks repairs Gill. Gokou, Pan, and Trunks use the Dragon Radar to gather the Dragonballs. They see the cracks, and they wonder if they can still summon Shenlong. Gokou calls him, but nothing happens. Gokou tries again, and red lighting spreads through the clouds. Earthquakes shatter, and then an old ugly Shenlong comes out. Gokou asks who he is. Chapter 48--This Is A Surprise!! Shenlong Is The Enemy!? The group wonders who or what this dragon is, and Pan says it is Shenlong. Gokou has other thoughts. Buruma calls it vulgar. Trunks tells her to be polite. Pan tells the dragon to hurry up and grant their wish. Shenlong smokes a cigar, and tells Pan to shut up. Kaiosamma telepaths to Gokou and tells him that this is NOT Shenlong. Shenlong laughs, and swallows the Dragonballs. Buruma wonders what the dragon is doing, and it turns into a blue tornado. It spits out 7 Black Dragons, each with a Dark Star Dragonball in their mouth. They fly off. The group wonders what happened. Pan comments on the lights in the sky, and Gokou and Gohan sense evil. Dai yells at them from his crystal ball, saying that they have misused the Dragonballs. He berates Buruma for making the Dragon Radar. Trunks gets Buruma to settle down, and Kaiobin takes over. He explains that each wish granted made some Plus Energy, resulting in the absorbing of Minus energy. With each wish made in the past 35 years, more and more Minus energy built up, and soon the balls cracked and let the evil out. Dende and Mr Popo show up, and Mr Popo remembers something like this happening before. A long time ago the Black Dragons appeared and wiped out civilization. Dai blames Buruma again for starting the whole mess, and Buruma points at Dende foir even MAKING them. Buruma says that Gokou helped her, saying a cute girl like her couldn';t have survived by herself. Gokou doesn't understand, but realizes he's at fault. Gohan asks where Gokou is going, and Gokou says that Gokou is going to get the balls back . Buruma is happy that all the blame is of her now. Dai tells Gokou to hurry, if the Black Dragons are given too much time then they could rip apart Earth. Gokou thinks that it will be OK once he turns Super 4. Pan wishes Gokou good luck, and slips out quietly. Gokou flies along, and sees the remains of Satan City. we learn that the Dragons will find their own element, then take on their true shape. A dragon enters a volcano, and it erupts on a village. Another smashes into an icy mountain. The next turns to lighting and stands like Godzilla. The fourth turns to a dark Dabura-look alike, and rips up a city with a hurricane., The fifth turns to a Shenlong-statue. The sixth flies through the clouds, and the last dives into some water. The water dragon rains down on the village, and the lake turns poisonous. Fish die, and the land is covered in slime. the water dragon is a far frog with a big horn. He like pollution. Gokou reaches the coast, realizing he's forgot the Dragon Radar. He sees Pan. Pan has Gill in her backpack, and won't give it up unless Gokou lets her come with him. Gill says that without Pan, Gokou only has a 70% chance of success. Gokou gives in after they both plead, and they come about the polluted land. Gill senses the ball. Some villagers run by, ranting about the monster than they saw in the lake. The Dragon says he'll kill everyone, and Gokou notices the #2 ball in the demon's forhead. Gokou kicks the dragon into some buildings, and a big rock falls on its foot. Gokou calls the demon a baka bakamomo. (must mean stupid pretend monster) The dragon smiles, and the lake starts to bubble. Chapter 49--The Strongest Enemy!? The Fear Of the Underhanded-Trick Using Dragon! Ryan-Shenlong warns Pan and Gokou that it is super-strong. Gokou demands proof. Pan goes to beat it down, and demands the Dragonball. Ryan inhales large amounts of air to become bigger, and Gokou warns Pan not to attack. Ryan laughs that this is just a joke, and he breathes, and returns to normal size. Ryan claims he can do better than that. Pan easily beats Ryan up, and Gokou tells her to go easy on it. Pan doesn't want to, since this is the first time she's beaten someone. Gokou says that it is no stronger than Mr Satan. All of Ryan's attacks miss. Ryan stands up, and asks Pan if she wants to wish for a less ugly body. Pan gets engraged, hands her backpack to Gokou, and beats up Ryan some more. Ryan lands on his feet and laughs. Gokou tells Pan to finish up. Ryan grabs Pan's leg, and punches her in the gut. Pan complains she has no power left. Gokou is batted away, and Ryan laughs. Ryan is planning on having Pan for dinner. Gokou goes SSJ, but runs out of energy and goes back to normal. Ryan tells Gokou that his swamp is the problem. The lake is filled with Minus Energy, which has been giving power to Ryan. Pan wants to know what Minus Energy really is. Ryan asks Gokou if he remembers Upa. when Tao-Pie-Pie killed Bora, gokou revived him with the balls. The negative energy from that wish was used to bring Ryan-Shenlong to life too. Ryan tosses Pan into Gokou. He mouth blasts them into a cliff, and Ryan plans to dump them into the swamp. Pan cringes at the thought of being thrown in the murky water, but then Gill fires a rocket at Ryan. Ryan knocks Gill into the swamp, and Pan yells out. Pan is tossed next, followed by Gokou. Pan begs for someone to save her. Pan begins to pass out, and Gill grabs and pulls her towards some clean water at the bottom of the lake. She recovers, and tells Gill to go get Gokou. back at the surface, Ryan gloats that he won. Gokou asks why the water is clean here, and Gill points out the crack in the water bed. Pan tells Gokou to blast the crack. Ryan is making idiotic plans, when a fountain of clean water smacks him in the face. Gokou and Pan appear, ready to fight at full power. Ryan panics, and they fire Renzoku Twin Energy Blasts. Ryan is destroyed, and everything clears up. The Dragonball clears up and seals the cracks, and returns to Gokou's hand. Gokou tosses it into the air as a cheer. resulting in it falling in the lake. Then, Gill flies up holding it. Pan takes the ball so that Gokou won't break it. They all celebrate . Chapter 50--Saiya Power Dies in Honorable Defeat!? Electrical Fighter Uu-Shenlong! Gokou is drinking water from a lake, and Pan wants some juice. They rest, and Pan tells Gokou she can save the world on her own. Gill starts echoing "Pan is dangerous!" and Pan tosses a rock at it. At CC, Buruma tries to stop Videl from worrying. Chi-Chi says they have faith in Gokou, while everyone else is frantic. Gill locates the next Dragonball in a nearby city. Pan demands juice. Pan locates a vending machine, but becomes frustrated when it eats her money. Pan screams, and red ooze starts to flow from the machine. The slime begins to absorb all the elecrticity. An old couple walk in, and explain that the electricity has stopped running in the city. The old woman gives Pan a can of tea, and they recommend that the kids leave. More slime slithers about, and Gokou thinks it's cute. Gill announces that the Dragonball is close-by, and then a red bird-dragon announces his name, Uu-Shenlong. Uu says that although Gokou beat Ryan-Shenlong, Ryan was the weakest, and he not a big loss. Gokou is almost impressed, but Uu is only 2 feet tall. Uu calls his slime, and it gathers on pan and Gokou, giving them an electrical shock. The duo collapse, but they soon sit back up. Uu announces his "Slime Build-up". Slime gathers on him, and he becomes 12 feet tall. Uu asks Gokou if he remembers when Vegita and Nappa first appeared on earth. Gokou had been killed by Ma Jr during the battle with Raditzu. The Minus Energy had gathered in the #5 Ball, creating Uu-Shenlong. Uu yells "Dragon Thunder" and zaps Gokou. Pan sits Gokou up, and and Gokou punches. His fist gets stuck in the slime and he is shocked again. Pan tries to attack, but Uu's Dragon Thunder dissipates the Ki blasts. Uu laughs that he is undefeatable, but then SSJ4Gokou steps up. Uu shrugs this off, and uses Dragon Thunder. Gokou says he enjoys the tingling sensation. Gokou fires a X10 Kamehameha, and smashes Uu through the city. Uu gathers some of the Kamehameha power in the slime, and he fires the blast back at Gokou. Gokou is blasted, and is embarrased that he was hurt by his own attack. He is now back to Chibi Gokou. Uu is amazed that Gokou and Pan are still alive. He powers up some more, and he makes slimy tendrils. The tendrils hook up to some power lines. Uu grows even more, (looking like the final boss from Guardian's Crusade) and pan shoots renzoku blasts at him. Gokou has to save Pan from being hit back again. Uu grows even more, and covers the whole city. The real Uu is riding on a tendril, gloating. Uu yells "Shrie, Gokou!" and zaps them. Uu uses half of his power, causing Pan to collapse. Gokou resists, and Uu charges even more. Gokou can't hold out and he loses consciousness. Now, one of those DB-miracles happen, and a large strom starts, causing Uu to short out. Gokou wakes up, and catches Pan. Uu is afraid of exploding, and tries frantically to send teh slime away. The storm gets harder, and Pan considers it pathetic that someone is destroyed by their own power. Uu lies on the ground, and tosses his Dragonball to Pan before passing out. Pan approaches Uu, and Uu's eyes flash and he calls Pan an idiot. He shoots some slime at her, and stries to trap her. Pan flies free, and Gokou finishes Uu off with a Kamehameha. The #5 ball returns to its notmal color and an image of a black princess floats in the sky. Chapter 51--Ryuu-Shenlong!! Looking For the Big Tornado Attack's Weakness! The three warriors have come apon a fishing village. Gill comments that they are very close to the next ball. Gill asks for food, and Pan says she is hungry too. Then, Pan is covered in a rain of fish. Pan REALLY freaks when an octopus lands on her. A fisherman with a cart runs out and thanks his princess, something like "Odohimesamma". Pan complains, and Gokou smiles eagerly at dinner. Another man talks about their goddess, and his son Bishuu comes out with his seagull Gull. He comments on how stupid it is that the men have stopped working and have become alchoholics. The man gets mad at Bishuu, and launches the flask at him. Gokou catches it in his mouth, and yells at the man for child abuse. (FUNimation would cut this out, if they had the rights. No!! Please!! Don't let them! We need US Manga Corps or something like that!!) The guy calls Gokou a brat, and Gokou says he isn't a child. the townsfolk laugh and carry their fish home. Bishuu is sad, and Gokou is frying fish. He gives the pan to gill to eat later. Bishuu explains that now that Odohimesamma has come, the villagers don't need to leave their houses to get fish. Pan asks what Odohimesamma is, and Bishuu is clueless. Now, the fishermen do nothing but drink all day. Gill finished his pan, and senses a Dragonball approaching. Bishuu yells that Odohimesamma is coming, and Gokou feels evil. A blue-skinned woman with a tentacle-clad headress hovers ofver the sea. She creates a whirlpool that throws a fish into the air. She has a Dragonball in her forehead. The fishermen run up, but are blocked by Gokou and Pan. The princess attacks Bishuu's father, but Gokou and Pan catch them. Gokou feels that Odohime is really another Black Dragon. She confronts Pan and Gokou, and wonders which one brang her to life. she tries to get them to say it, but eventually says it was Oolong's wish for the panties. Gokou is amused at remembering that, and pan is embarrased. She yells out that their time is up, and she fires missles at them. Pan and Gokou approach her, but they're knocked into the water. Pan wonders if Ryuu is using a barrier. Pan fires a blast, but it's blocked. Gokou tries a Kamehameha, but it is redirected towards Bishuu's boat house. pan manages to save Bishuu at the last moment. Gokou flies in, and is frozen in the air. The wind gets faster as Ryuu spins around. The wind slashes at gokou, ripping his clothes off. Pan looks at her nude grandpa, and calls time out. Ryuu turns red, and waits for Gokou to get redressed. Pan asks Gokou if he's ok, and Gokou says that Ryuu is spinning around at all times. Ryu slows down, revealing a very ugly blue demon with wings. The Dragonball is embedded in its chin. Ryuu speeds up again, and Gokou tells Pan to take care of Bishuu. Gokou spins, and gets a tail of sand. he says that this is an easy trick. Ryuu makes a tornado, and smashes Gokou into a cliff. Ryuu uses her cutting wind again, and slices off the clifftop. Pan and Bishuu watch, and Gull attacks Ryuu. Gull goes over the tornado and pecks at Ryuu's eyes. Pan flies in and saves teh seagull, and notices Ryuu's weak point. Ryuu is helpless to attacks to her head. Pan flies up, and calls time out. Ryuu-Shenlong stops spinning, and Gokou uses a Kamehameha from the beach. Ryuu is defeated, and the #6 ball is blown past the horizon. Pan goes to Gokou, and asks him if he saw her perfect atttack. the villagers come out and apologize, and Bishuu asks if they will start fishing again. They agree, and then a swarm of seagulls fly in, dropping the #6 ball in Pan's hands. Pan goes to leave with Gokou, but then Bishuu asks her to teach him to fly. Pan agrees, and promises to come back after saving the world. Chapter 52--Pan, Look Out!! To Be Possesed By Chii-Shenlong! I like the beginning of this episode, it has music from Chrono Trigger in the first few minutes. The trio are flying through the clouds, and Gill senses a Dragon Ball below. Pan doesn't see anything, and thinks Gill is wrong. Gokou goes down to look anyway. They land on ground, and there isn't anything. Gill says they need to go underground. Then, an earthquake occurs, and they fall down. They hear a voice saying how much fun it;s having tearing up dirt. Soon a gigantic purple mole appears. Gokou wonders if this is the next Shenlong, and the mole continues digging. the mole asks who Gokou is, and Gokou tells the thing his name. Pan sees a Dragonball in its forehead and they realize it's Chii-Shenlong. Chii asks them how they know its name. Pan just asks the mole to give them the ball or fight. Chii isn't interested in them, only in making earthquakes. He says he is busy, and flings rocks at them. Pan tells Gokou to do something, but Gokou says fighting Chii will be no fun. Pan shoots Ki Blasts at Chii, but it just rips up the countryside. Chii seems to be aiming towards a large desert city. Gokou and Pan try to reach the city first. Gokou and Pan reach the city, just as earthquakes occur. Pan saves a woman from a large ball falling that says Tamagoati. (I think this is a pun on the Tamagotchi fad) Gokou saves a schoolbus. Gokou goes SSj4 and saves an office building from collasping. The streets dissapate into a chasm and Pan and Gokou save another 100 people. Chii comes up out of the ground, and gets angry that there isn't much destruction. Gokou is happy that Chii is mad. Chii attacks, and Pan runs into a window. SSJ4Gokou pounds Chii up, and Chii seems to be withstanding the attacks. Chii says that if he gets serious, he will be scary. (All these Black Shenlongs are cocky...I guess that's what builds up after you destroy a whole universe....^.^) Pan asks how Chii was made. Chii replies he was made from all the people that Majin Vegita killed at the Budokai. The wish to ressurect them was strong enough to free the Minus Energy. Chii shows off his power by slapping the ground and causing the earth to explode. Gokou and Pan fly around, and Chii eventually blows itself up. Gokou gets a X10 Kamehameha ready, and Chii collapses. Gokou reverts to Chibi, and Pan catches the #7 ball. Unfortunately, the #7 ball isn't turning back to normal. Some Minus Energy pours out, and sucks Pan up. Pan screams, and a shadow grows to be a double-tailed dragon with a mole-esque nose. That attack had killed the mole, but not Chii-Shenlong. Now the real battle begins. It gets ready to stop on Gokou, and Gokou is hopping around. Chapter 53--Pan Dies!? The Tears of the X10 Kamehameha! Chii repedetaly attacks Gokou, but Gokou easily evades them. Chii is wearing Pan's bandanna on a horn. (this is a Pan-mole-Shenlong thing...would it be Phile?) Chii has acess to Pan's powers, and uses a Renzoku Energy Dan to blow up the city. Pan yells out to Gokou to finish Chii off, and gather the Dragonballs to wish her back. Chii thinks Gokou can't hurt it, but is proved wrong as Gokou drop kicks him/her into a building. Chii is shocked, and sees SSJ4Gokou. Pan cheers Gokou on. Gokou gets a Chou Kamehameha ready, and Chii yells at him that Pan will die. Gokou drops the Kamehameha and kicks Chii in the face again. Chii laughs that Gokou isn't fighting all-out. Chii dares Gokou to use a X10 Kamehameha. Gokou is remembering all the fun times he had with Pan. Pan yells at Gokou to finish it off. Gokou starts up the X10 Kamehameha. Chii thinks Gokou is bluffing. Chii panics as the blast hits it head on. Pan yells out sayonara to everyone. Gohan returns home with jugs of water, since the water works have been destroyed. Videl thanks him and pours him a cup of tea. They look at a pic of Pan, and Videl wonders if she is OK. The city glows red, and Gokou drops to the ground, panting. Pan then notices she isn't dead. Chii gasps that Gokou couldn't really hurt Pan, Chii was trying to win. Chii is battered, but says that Gokou will lose and punches Gokou away. Gokou flies through a building, and gets slashed by Chii's claws. Gokou collapses. Chii laughs that not wanting to hurt a loved one is a flaw in humans, and he lets Gokou see Pan crying for him to win. Gokou gasps and closes his eyes. Pan is shocked at her grandfather. Chii goes to pull Pan back in, when Gokou snaps his eyes open and grabs Pan's arm. he pulls her out quickly. Pan passes out, and Chii shrinks back into the mole. Gokou taunts Chii, and Chii looks around for an escape. he sees a crow, and reaches out to take over its body. Gokou jumps in and says Chii is too sad to kill. Chii blasts Gokou in the face. He punches Chii in the stomach as a payback to what Chii did to him. he rabbit punches Chii all over as a payback from the city, and uses a X10 Kamehameha for a payback from Pan. Chii is killed, and the #7 ball is restored. Gokou goes back to Chibi, and holds the ball in front of Pan's face and says it is her new body. pan wakes a screams that that isn't funny. Gill flies over and they go after the next one. (Note: There is a new ending credits theme, with a new song by Wands called Sabitsuita Mahingan de o utchi nukou (The Long-Rusted Machine Gun Now Shoots Properly). Dont's ask me where they come up with those names). Chapter 54--6,000 Degree Celsius Power!! The Fighter Of The Sun! Gokou, Gill, and Pan reach the ruins of another village. Gill says the next ball is nearby. Pan thinks Gill is broken, but Gill claims it is VERY close to them. Pan notices how hot it's been getting, and looks at the see that it's enlarging! a red body blasts out from the sun and blows up a bus. It glows red, then reverts to a red clay-like gargoyle body. It has the #4 ball embedded in its forehead. Gokou demands that it is has his grandfather's soul in it. Suu-Shenlong laughs, and says that Gokou will need to defeat it first. Pan thinks this will be easy, but Gokou notices that Suu is different from all the other dragons they had faced. Pan attacks, and Suu easily knocks her out. Suu tosses Pan away, saying she will be in a sleep for a while. Suu says he is a fair fighter, and hates people interrupting his fights. Suu wants a survival match with Gokou. Gokou notices that Suu's energy is different from the others. Suu says his Minus Energy came from the energy Piccolo Daimao used to restore himself. The battle starts, and gokou punches. He jumps back, and his hand is on fire. Suu laughs that he can power up to the temperature of the sun--6000 degrees celsius!! Suu blasts fireballs at gokou, and Gokou is eventually smashed into a motel. Suu melts through the wall to follow, and Gokou is chased for a while. Gokou is extremely hungry, and Suu finds him. Suu atacks, and Gokou runs quickly, trying to figure out a way to attack. Suu surprises Gokou, and Gokou fires a Kamehameha. Suu fires millions of fireballs in return. Gill goes over to Pan to help, when giant icicles pop up everywhere. Gill is bashed away, chanting "Pan, danger". An icy version of Suu looks at Pan and smiles. Gokou runs to the sewers, and pops up behind Suu and bashes him up with a Renzoku Energy Dan. Gokou tries this again, but Suu melts the manhole covering and follows Gokou into the sewer. Gokou runs, but is blocked by a gigantic bladed fan. Gokou escapes from teh sewer, but Suu melts through easily and says that Gokou made a mistake. Suu makes a lens, and makes a heat ray. Gokou then realizes that Suu's energy is all sunlight. Gokou gets smacked by the beam, and Gokou smiles, and uses a Solar Flare, which is magnified by Suu's lens covering. Suu is blasted backwards. Suu laughs, and gets ready to go all-out. His skin cracks off, and a gold version of Suu-Shenlong appears. Gokou goes SSj4. Chapter 55--Buruma Begins Working!! Vegita's Secret Makeover Plan! SSJ4Gokou and Suu-Shenlong power up, and blow up the city. At CC, Vegita is ready to fly off and join the fight, when Buruma tells him to wait. The city explodes some more, and Vegita is training in the Gravity Room. He gets enraged, and destroys the machine, yelling about how Gokou always beats him. He remembers when he and Kakrotto had first fought. Vegita had thought he was better, but Gokou had used the Kaioh-Ken to rough him up. Vegita gets even more mad when remembering that Gokou loved the battle so much, that he stopped Kulilin from finishing Vegita off. From then on, Gokou had always out-done Vegita. Vegita remembers all the other times, and blows the door up. Buruma is working on her computer. Vegita hits the shower, and remembers that he even went evil to try and be stronger than Kakarotto. He remembers that it felt kind of good to be evil, but he had to save his family. In the otherworld, he had even cheered SSj3Gokou on to beat Little Buu. He had admitted that Kakarotto was #1. Vegita enters Buruma's lab, and she tells him that she's been working on a Brute Ray to help him go SSj4. Vegita spits out his juice and his eyes pop out. Buruma tells her computer to replay the events during the battle against Baby, and the light of Earth that turned Gokou into Oozaru helped, but the tears of Pan were the real thing that turned Gokou into a SSj4. Vegita asks why Bajita couldn't have gone SSj4, and Buruma says that Baby's andriod part had gotten in the way. Buruma tells him that with the help of her Brute Ray he can do it. Buruma smiles, and Vegita blushes. Chapter 56--After The Sun, Comes the Freeze!! The Fire and Ice Dragon Brothers! Gokou and Suu fly to a nearby desert, and they fire at each other. They beat each other around, and Gokou says that while Suu may be a bit stronger, Gokou is faster. Gokou head butts Suu, and gets ready fr a X10 Kamehameha. Suu laughs and twists Gokou around, blowing up a skyscraper. Gokou tries it again, and hops around so to not be caught. Suu waits for Gokou to say ha, then blasts him to the ground as Gokou stops. Gokou is blasted into the basement of a ruin, and Suu chases after him. Suu sees a light, and fires. He blows up a mirror, and Gokou is standing behind him ready to blow his head off. Suu admits defeat, and tells Gokou to kill him. Gokou grabs Suu's shoulder and says they should find a better place to fight. they fly into the sky, and get ready to attack with energy blasts again. Suddenly, an ice beam appears and encases Gokou's hand in ice. Suu is shocked to see his brother standing on a building. Suu tells his brother not to interfere, and Gokou wonders how evil dragons can be family. San-Shenlong has the #3 ball, and holds up Pan's backpack. with the other Dragonballs in it. Gokou flies down to the badly-injured Pan, and she passes out. San passes the backpack to Suu and gets ready to fight Gokou. Suu yels that this is his fight, adn San is tired of watching them play around. San blasts Gokou with an ice beam. San yells at Suu that this is not a training match, but a job they need to get donw. San then blows Pan away, and quickly freezes Gokou's other arm. San trashes Gokou, and laughs. Gokou kicks him in the mouth, saying that fighting isn't all about hands. Gokou continuosly drop kicks San in the mouth, but San soon freezes them. San eventually encases Gokou''s whole body in ice. San says that Suu should have defeated Gokou quicker, and tells Suu to smash Gokou to pieces. Suu declines and says that he would have done fine if San hadn't interferred. San gets mad, and beats up Suu. Suu sadly agrees, and power up. Suu creates a solar ball, and gets ready to fire it at Gokou. Suu then thinks about Gokou's claim to be faster than him, and Suu happily tosses the fireball at Gokou. Flames erupt, and Gokou steps out through them. San is baffled as he realizes that the fireball was just meant to melt the ice. San is ticked, and covers the whole city in ice. San gets ready to fight Gokou all out. Chapter 57--The Overwhemingly Strong Enemy!! The Ruling Evil Dragon! Suu is steaming, and San says that he will give Gokou 5 seconds to attack if he wants to.Gokou trashes San, and fires a Kamehameha. When San yells 5, he grabs Pan's leg. He throwsPan at gokou, and he bats gokou into a building. San had almost caused Gokou to blast Pan with aKamehameha. Gokou throws San into a building, and gets ready to finish it off. San flies up behind Suu and dissapears. San appears and quickly freezes Gokou. Suu complains and San tells him not to get in the way of his Ice Cannon. San fires it, but Gokou breaks the ice and shoots his Kamehameha. The beam breaks, and Gokou says he never falls for the same attack twice. Gokou says that San will lose, and San begs for life. Suu is disgusted. San begs for Suu's help, and Suu tells Gokou to stop. gokou agrees, and says as long as San gives him the Dragonball, and goes somewhere and never comes back. Then, San touches the ground to get icy fingernails and slices Gokou in the eyes. San attacks more with the blades, and Gokou punches him in the stomach.Gokou's face is cut up, but his fist went through San;'s body since he had used the Dragon Fist. The dragon bursts through San's body and San melts with the ice. The #3 ball is restored. Suu picks up the ball, and tosses Gokou eye medicine so that they can continue fighting. They smile, then a white hand blasts across and the flask of medicine breaks. A bony dragon like Suu and San appears, and Suu recognizes him as Ii-Shenlong. He has the #1 ball. Ii fires at Gokou, but Suu takes the blast and restores the #4 ball. Gokou is angry that Suu died, and he powers up. He only has 50% of his normal eyesight, and he says he will not allow Ii get away with killing one of his own blood. Ii blames Gokou for living, since it was the wish to have Earth restored after the battle with Little Buu that made Ii. Gokou says he didn't make that wish, but it doesn't matter since Ii will die soon. They level the city, and Ii laughs. He trashes Gokou easily. Gokou flies into a ferris wheel at an amusement park, and it brings him to a roller coaster. Gokou lands on the steel grid, and Ii shoots at Gokou. Gokou runs across the grid, and bodyslams Ii with the help of a coaster. Pan finds her backpack, and she cries that she lost the Dragonballs. She goes off to look for Gokou. Ii smashes up a playground looking for Gokou, and Gokou catches him. He fires a X10 Kamehameha, but Ii takes the blast and says that gokou is weak. He blasts gokou into a tower, and a steel beam impales his leg. Pan sees Gokou, and prays that her family wil come save Gokou. Chapter 58--Counterattack Returned!! SSj4 Is Surpassed! SSj4 wears off, and Gokou returns to Chibi form. Ii smashes him, and Gokou is about to be crushed dead. Suddenly, Goten saves his father. Buu apologizes for waiting so long. Trunks, Gohan, and the rest of the Z Team show up. Chi-Chi, Goten, and Trunks say that they came since if Gokou loses, the world will be destroyed. The only people missing are Bra, Buruma, Vegita, and #18. The Z Team offers to give Gokou their power to get back to full strength. Ii laughs, and says that Gokou is no good. Gohan says that Gokou is the universe's #1 best fighter. Gohan tells his father to save them, and Gokou says that he will need everybody's power. Ii is very impatient, and goes to beat Gohan up. The others go to save Gohan, and Ii escapes. He fires a blast and makes a huge crater in the ground. Gokou had teleported everyone away. He says he needs to drain all their power, since X10 Kamehameha had no effect on Ii. Ii says their time is up, but Buu steps up. Buu fires an energy blast, but Ii blocks it. Buu is KOed with a single punch. Buu has some tricks up his sleeve, and lands on Ii's back and goes to choke him. Buu screws up, and Ii blasts him in the face. Suddenly, a Golden Oozaru snarls at Ii. Gokou's Ki is manefesting, and he randomly blows stuff up. This is now sort of an Overload-Super 4 stage. Ii doesn't understand how this is different from before. Ii punches, but Gokou (now in a pumped up SSj4 stage) laughs, sincve he can sense Ii's attack patterns. Gokou destroys half of the cit, and Ii reaches the clock tower. he rips off the clock, and tosses it at Gokou. Gokou evades it, and stops the disk with his bare hands, Gokou says he will avenge Suu-Shenlong, and throws the disk. Ii evades it, but then is hit by the X10 Kamehameha that Gokou fires. Ii is supposedly dead, and everyone cheers for Gokou. Trunks asks where the Dragonballs are, and Gokou says they are scattered around. Pan finds one, but it bounces into a beaten-up Ii-Shenlong's hand. Ii laughs that he will now go to his perfect form. He swallows the Dragonballs, and gets longer horns, bulkier muscles, and all 7 Dragonballs embedded in his chest. Chapter 59--Friend or Foe!? Were-Monkey Vegita on the Rampage! People cower in fear of Ii. Gokou is still blinded, and Gohan points out that Ii and Gokou are at same power level. Ii opens his hand and blows everyone away in a hurricane except Gokou. Ii marvels in his own power. Ii finally powers up to full, and laughs that he can't lose. Gokou goes in and bashes Ii up, but Ii uses Suu's ablility to turn to fire and burns Gokou's hand. Ii then uses San's power, and freezes Gokou in some ice. He happily bashes Gokou. Gokou remembers these attacks, and they aren't any stronger than before. Ii is mad and bashes Gokou into a building. Some distance away, Videl, Gohan, and Goten recover. Goten goes to search for Gokou, but Gohan tells him to stop. Gohan says that Gokou can handle this. Ii walks toward Gokou, and drops Gokou. He falls on some broken glass and cuts open his thumb. Then, he realizes he can see, and smiles. Ii says he will give Gokou a free attack. Gokou agrees and uses Dragon Fist. Gohan and co. cheer Gokou on from in the sky, and Gokou punches through Ii's chest and out his back. Everyone cheers that Gokou saved the world once again, and Mr Satan smiles and says he always knew Gokou was #1 best. Pan, Chi-Chi, and Goten get ready to head back when pink blobs starts fusing on the ground. Pan says that that reminds her of when Buu reforms. Ii pulls himself together and laughs that Gokou attacked the wrong Dragonball. Gokou wonders which ball is the right one. The #7-ball lights up, and blasts everyone with lasers. Ii punches everyone one at a time. Gokou staggers up and mumbles that he isn't finished yet. Gokou tries to get power for the kamikaze that Vegita had used on Buu long ago, and gets ready to self-destruct. Chi-Chi yells at Gokou to stop. Gokou apologizes but keeps going. Suddenly Vegita yells out, saying that if Kakarotto dies, then Vegita can't kill him. Vegita asks Gokou if he has a plan. Gokou is confused, and Vegita smiles. Vegita comes closer to the battlefield, and Buruma activates the Brute Ray. Vegita starts to transform to Golden Oozaru, and Gokou yells out that Buruma stop, since this transformation could kill them all. Buruma tells him that this is the only way to go Super 4. Vegita fires some blasts. One knicks Ii, and another goes crashing into Mr Satan. Gokou flies up to Vegita, but is grabbed and squeezed. (for the 2nd time) Ii laughs that Gokou';s own ally is killing him. Vegita regains control of himself, and focuses. He starts to turn Super 4, and Vegita smiles that finally he and Kakarotto are at the same strength. Buruma and Chi-Chi bicker over who looks more buff. Mr Satan says that he looks cooler, but they beat him up and tell him he;s the #1 worst. The force of both SSj4's knocks everyone off their feet. Ii is enjoying this. Vegita says that as the last step of the plan, he wants to fuse with Gokou. Chapter 60--Fu--Sion!! The Ultimate Super Gogita! Gokou and Vegita stare Ii down, and Pan asks Trunks to tell her what Fusion is. Ii flies in to attack, but Trunks intercepts and tells the two SSj4's to fuse. Ii goes to break Trunks' neck, and Buruma shoots a Brute Ray at it. Ii destroys the ray and machine, and Buruma yells at him for breaking her machine. Gohan, Goten, and Trunks go in to give Vegita and Gokou time to fuse. Ii smashes them up, and Gokou is happy that Vegita thought of fusion on his own. Gokou and Vegita do the really dumb Fusion dance, and Ii goes to try and fuse with them. He is deflected and gets a small hurt mark. The new Gogita has white gi pants, black boots, red fur, funky red hair, and is muscle-bound. Super Gogita smiles, and twitches his muscle. Ii is smashed away. Buu and everyone else smile that Fusion is great. Buu wants to fuse with someone to continue fighting, but he needs to heal. Ii runs to Vegita, but is blown back all bloody. Gogita laughs that he will slow down his punch so that Ii can see it this time. Gogita triple punches Ii in the head, then kicks his head. Ii attacks, and misses. Gogita insults the idiot, and Ii fires millions of Ki blasts yelling "SHRIE" over and over. Gogita stands in place, and after ther dust clears he thanks Ii for scratching his chest, he had a nasty itch there. Ii yells that Gogita is lying, but is elbowed in the face. Gogita gets ready to show off his new abilities, and uses some strange version of Multi-Form, resulting in 5 Gogitas. Gogita gets ready to attack, but then laughs, and uses some fireworks. The clones mock Ii, and the real Gogita is on the ground cracking up. Gogita demands that Ii go all out, and Ii does, forming the 7 Dragonballs into a Minus Power Ball. It's 5 feet long, and is thrown at Gogita. Buu realizes that that ball could wipe out earth. Gogita smiles, and kicks the Power ball into space where it explodes. The blast even reaches the Kaio planet, where Dai and Kaiobin watch the battle. Gogita smiles that he easily countered the Minus energy with Plus energy. Gogita fires his Big Bang Kamehameha, and frees 6 Dragonballs from Ii. Ii gets back up, saying that he still has the #1 ball. Gogita gets ready to finish Ii off, and prepares a Black Bomb Kamehameha. Suddenly the Fusion wears off and the two split. Gokou asks what's wrong, and they realize that the SSj4 power depleted the Fusion energy. Gokou tells Vegita not to worry, they can still beat the beat-up Ii. Ii smiles, and gets ready to swallow the Dragonballs again. Gokou grabs the #4ball, and vows not to let it go. Chapter 61--I WILL Win!! Gokou Swallows the #4 Dragonball! Vegita yells at Gokou that this is all his fault. Ii tells them to stop talking and let it kill them. Gokou yells for Vegita to fuse again, but Ii beats them up, knocking the #4 ball free. Gokou swipes it back, and says there is only one thing left to do. He then painfully swallows the #4 ball. Ii shrugs, and says that he can still kill them without the power ball. He kicks them into a building, and Ii yells that they are garbage without the Fusion power. They don't stand a chance so they start to Fuse agian, Vegita making Gokou promise that this is the last time. They almost finish, when Ii kicks them apart. He gets ready to kill Gokou, when Vegita pins him with a boulder. Vegita and Gokou repeadetly fail to fuse. Goten wants to buy them some time, but Gohan tells him that one hit from that thing and they'd die. On the Kaio Planet, Kaiobin and Dai say that Gokou must perfect his timing if he wants to fuse again. Ii keeps beating on them, and gets Gokou in a headlock. Gokou writhes free, and they notice that Ii has no damage taken. Ii smiles and dreams about destroying the galaxy. The two saiyajin get beat up some more. Gokou falls by the glass, and gets an idea. He tells Vegita to use Zanzoken. Vegita smiles, and tells Ii to watch them do Fusion. They go, and Ii blasts them....but the bodies are nowhere to be found. Ii keeps attacking fake images, and the real Vegita and Gokou are far away on a roof. They finish the Fusion pose, but nothing happens. Gokou yells at Vegita for not holding his fingers properly, and Vegita yells that he did the whole ridiculous this perfectly. Trunks points out that Ii had drained some of Gokou's energy, and he might not match Vegita now. The try again, and fail. Even worse, Gokou runs out of power and returns to Chibi. Ii smiles that soon this will happen to Vegita. He attacks Vegita, and Vegita gets poised. Chapter 62--To The Rescue!! Gokou's Final Assistant Appears! Chibi Gokou asks Ii why he isn't attacking, and Vegita is worried that Gokou has turned into a Black Dragon. Pan yells to Gokou that there is a big lump on his forehead. Gokou panics, but says that he must keep fighting. Ii tells Gokou that its' the end, and he launches an energy ball at Gokou. The Dragonball flies out of Gokou, Suu-Shenlong appears, and bats the ball away. Suu says he wants to kill Gokou himself. Ii says he won't interfere. Vegita grumbles that Suu is just another enemy with a stupid motive, and Suu smashes Vegita. Suu is faster than Gokou. Suu blasts Vegita head on, and KOs him. Trunks goes to see if his father is OK, and Ii tells Suu that he is bored of fighting, and wants Gokou dead NOW. Vegita tells Trunks that amazingly, Suu is not fighting all-out. Suu says that he will wipe out Gokou, but Ii will die first. He and Gokou fire blasts at Ii, and Suu goes to grab Ii. Ii wonders why Suu isn't under his control anymore, and we find out that Gokou had swallowed the ball to use his Plus Energy to purify it. Suu uses something like a "Flaming Ball" to engulf Suu and Ii in fire. Inside the fireball, Suu tells Ii he can't escape. Ii is encased in a red crystal, and Suu will not forgive Ii for shooting him in the back. Ii breaks out of the crystal, and Suu goes to finish the coward off. Ii wonders if this will kill Suu too. Suu calls Ii an idiot, for Suu can't be hurt by fire. The fireball explodes, and Earth gets another sun. A small fireball falls down, and Gokou goes to greet Suu-Shenlong. Suu apologizes and explodes, and Ii steps out of Suu's skin. He laughs that Suu had made the mistake of telling him that his body is invulnerable to fire. Ii has all 7 Dragonballs, and goes back to Super Ii-Shenlong mode. Gokou won't let Ii get away with taking Suu's body, but he can't damage Ii. Dai tells Kaiobin that it's all over now. Kaiobin wonders what will happen if they lose, and Dai yells at him that he should already know the answer to that. The Minus Energy will kill everything on earth, and every other planet will suffer the same fate. the Kaio planet will be killed as well. Ii goes to attack again, and Vegita falls out of SSj4 mode. He yells at Buruma to use anothe Brute Ray, but Buruma steams that the baka destroyed her machine. Gokou tells Vegita that he can go SSj4 whenever he wants, since he had been at the level once already. Ii asks them who will die first. Chapter 63--The Miracle Turnaround Victory!! Gokou Pleads With the Galaxy For Help! Vegita wants to try and fuse again, but Gokou tells them the size difference is a problem. Ii says it's no fun to kill them at the same time, and Ii creates another Power Ball. Gokou realizes that it's all over. Ii launches it, and Vegita goes to counterattack. Gokou pushes Vegita out of the way, and Gokou uses the rest of his Plus Energy to keep it from destroying Earth. Ii makes the Power Ball bigger, and pushes it against Gokou. Ii makes the Power Ball even bigger, and it explodes. The crater is HUMONGOUS, and Gokou has vanished. Ii laughs that Gokou sacrificed himself, and Ii covers the sky with Minus energy, happily wrecking Earth. Vegita is angry that this planet will be destroyed just like Planet Vegita, and he goes to try and kill Ii. Ii is surprised that Vegita is alive. Trunks flies off after Vegita. Gohan gives Mr Satan to Pan, Videl gets Buruma, and Buu gets Chi-Chi. Gohan and Goten fly off. The destruction goes on, and the mayor from DBZ is on TV calming people down. Another announcer appears, and yells that the Mayor's Tower has exploded. Gokou is lying at the bottom of the crater, and pleads for Earth to lend him energy to make a Chou Genki Dama. Vegita is saved when Trunks, Goten and Gohan appear. Vegita attack Ii from behind, but he's impaled by Ii's spikes. Vegita lays on the ground, and yells for Kakarotto to help him. He is kicked into Gokou's crater. Ii yells that Vegita will be buried with Gokou. Vegita cracks up laughing, and says that Ii has lost. Gokou rises from his crater, and pulls out a gigantic Chou Genki Dama. The Dama energy causes the Minus energy to dissipate, and Gokou tells Kaiosamma he needs all the energy from all the lifeforms across the galaxy. Everyone on New Namek gives their energy. Planet Ruudo's inhabitants give their energy. The people on Planet Imegga give their energy. Planet Monmaasu gives their energy. Zuunama and the people on Planet Kerubo give their energy. The patients in the hospital give small amounts of energy. Gokou thanks them all, and Ii's Power Balls are destroyed by the force of the Genki Dama. Gokou launches it, and Ii-Shenlong pleads as he is destroyed. The Genki Dama flies off into space and explodes. Gokou lies limply on the ground, and the Dragonballs are restored. Shenlong appears, and Buruma says that something is wrong here. Chapter 64--Goodbye, Gokou.....!! Till The Day We Meet Again! The narrarator gives a recap on the last episode, and Shenlong is shown hovering in the sky. Buruma is confused, since the sky has not grown dark. Shenlong tells Gokou to stand up, and Shenlong asks him if he understands why the Dark Dragonballs appeared. Gokou says it's because they had made too many wishes. Shenlong says that the Z Fighters cannot make any more wishes. Gokou asks Shenlong to grant one more wish. He says that the people killed by the Dark Dragons dont' deserve to remain dead. Shenlong agrees and makes the wish. Gill appears, and hugs Pan. Gokou thanks Shenlong, and he tells Gokou to get on his back. Gokou says he'll be gone for a short while, and Vegita realizes what's happening. Gokou tells Vegita not to tell the others. Shenlong flies off, and all 7 Dragonballs circle Gokou. Buruma remembers all the trouble they went through for hte Dragonballs. In the desert, Puar and Yamucha fix his car. Under a waterfall, Chaio-zu and Tienshinhan watch Shenlong fly by. At the Kame House, Kulilin and Tortoise pun Master Roshi for looking at a swimsuit magazine, when Gokou drops by. Kulilin is mad that he is the only one who got old with time. Gokou challenges him to a spar. Gokou gets punched in the face, adn laughs that Kulilin hasn't changed a bit. Kulilin says that he and #18 train occasionally, then notices that Gokou is gone. Master Roshi realizes that Gokou is saying his final goobyes to his friends. In Hell, Piccolo is saving some oni from some evil guys, when he notices Gokou sitting on a rock. A demon yells at Gokou for getting stuck in Hell again, when Gokou wants to shale hands. He does, and Piccolo wonders what's going on. Gokou says he'll never forget the times they had together. Chi-Chi makes supper, and Buruma's family returns home. Pan asks Trunks if the Dragonballs are really gone, and Trunks tells her that if the Dragonballs are truly needed, they will be there. Trunks leaves, and Pan discovers Gokou's tattered clothes on the crater. She wonders why Gokou has gone off with Shenlong. Shenlong soars in the sky, and Gokou comments on how warm his back is. Gokou falls asleep, and the Dragonballs enter him. The #4 ball enters his forehead, and he dissapears. Shenlong flies at the camera, and dissapears. 100 years in the future, at the latest Tenkaichi-Budokai, a punk announcer points out statues of the two greatest warriors of all time--Son Gokou, and Mr Satan. He yells that Gokou Jr is the grandson of both heroes. Pakku is stunned at the bloodline, and an old Pan brags that she is the grandaughter of both heroes. Gokou Jr gives himself a pep talk, and a young Vegita enters. A young woman sits down, and makes fun of Gokou Jr. She is the latest head of Capsule Corp, and we learn that the Son Family and Buruma's family had lost touch a long time ago. Pan didn't know that Trunks had kids. The two kids fight all out, and Vegita says that Gokou JR is making him fight all-out. Vegita Jr goes SSj, and Gokou Jr says he can do the same thing. Pan, Pakku, and more kids cheer for Gokou Jr,. and Pan notices Gokou Sr watching happily from the crowd. She goes after him, but loses him in the crowd. The narrarator says things have been fun, and some highlights are shown of the series from when Buruma met Gokou to the defeat of Baby. As the credits roll all the major charactors are shown. Music ends, and the narrarator says that the bright, gentle, Gokou, is everyone's favorite. Adult Gokou takes the Nyogi-Bo and flies off on Kintoun, as the word Oshimai appears on the end of the screen. There is a preview for next week's show, with Gokou introducing Arale, and the start of the New Dr Slump. Arale has a young girly voice. Episode 1--The Appearance of Arale!! Let's Go To School! The regular closing song and credits follow. DragonBall - DragonBall Z - DragonBall GT

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