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Vegeta is the most powerful and feared of all the Saiyans. He bears the name of the planet from which he hails. Cunning, ruthless and cruel in battle, he enjoys toying with those helpless creatures who dare oppose him. He is a "Super Elitist," the highest class of Saiyans, and believes he and Nappa can conquer Earth in three days.

As the mightiest Saiyan warrior, Vegeta has no tolerance for failure. In fact, he has eliminated his own men for showing weakness. After Nappa fails to defeat Goku, for instance, Vegeta mercilessly gets rid of him.

Like all Saiyans who still possess their tails, Vegeta metamorphoses into a Giant Monkey when he sees the full moon, increasing his strength tenfold. This is when a Saiyan is at his fullest potential.

Arrogant to a fault, Vegeta hates the thought of being weaker than any other creature. Due to this fear he is constantly training and searching for the extra edge that will keep him on top. Vegeta is even more intent on destroying Gohan, for he realizes that the combination of human and Saiyan is stronger than human or Saiyan alone.

Physically smaller than Goku, Vegeta has wild black hair that is pushed back by a receding hairline. Nevertheless, he can power up to unbelievable levels and destroy entire planets.

When he gathers all the Dragonballs his wish is simple: immortality.

While exceeding Goku in both strength and technique, Vegeta does not win the battle for Earth. He makes the mistake of creating a moon to experience the tenfold increase in strength associated with the Giant Monkey metamorphosis. Gohan, however, also sees the moon and subsequently transforms into a Giant Monkey, too. When Yarjirobe sneaks up behind Vegeta and cuts off his tail, stopping the metamorphosis, Gohan takes the upper hand. Vegeta flees Earth. His flight would have been stopped and Vegeta killed except for Goku's intervention

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